wuhan Introduction

Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province, China, sub-provincial city in 2010 approved construction of regional central cities, the country’s first pilot city transport hub, the Yangtze River shipping international port city, Wuhan city circle core city, China Yangtze River mega-cities. The world’s third largest river Yangtze River and its tributary the Han River running through the city, will be divided into Wuhan Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang pattern, Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai wrote in this “Yellow Crane Tower is blown flute, River City May drop plum “and therefore also known as River City Wuhan.
Wuhan has always been known as the “thoroughfare of nine provinces” of the land, is China’s major inland river ports, the geographical center of the country’s economy, an important commercial inland areas, logistics centers, known as the world turned inland China market, “Golden Key” and economic development, “overpass”, with east and west, then turn north south, surrounded by attractive, radiant Octagon geographical advantages.
Wuhan is China’s important science and technology base, as second only to Beijing, Shanghai, China’s third largest science centers, many colleges and universities in Wuhan, college students 118.33 million people, is the world’s largest number of college students in the city.