Why these countries no longer cold infection in the United States economy?

At the end of last year to early this year, much of America snowstorm, on the one hand, let all the people reduce go out spending, on the other hand affects all aspects of social life, such as traffic, transportation, construction, trade and investment, even all the “cold current” attacks.  cake cup machine price

Due to the trade unions and Labour disputes between owners, and negotiation fails to solve, from Los Angeles to Seattle, Oakland, many important port is not a lockout, is sabotage, let “obstruction” freight in and out of port, directly affect the many enterprises of supply chain, which has a bad influence on the economy as a whole.

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As is known to all, personal consumption to support the two-thirds of the U.S. economy, has always been the biggest boosters of economic growth.muffin cup price

Although oil prices have tumbled in the past six months, benefit families, but the international financial crisis in 2008 until today also aftermath, always haunt people.paper glass cover machine

Personal consumption in the first quarter increased by only 1.9%, well below 4.4% in the fourth quarter of last year. Millions of americans chose to save rather than consume. The personal savings rate reached 5.5% in the first quarter, its highest since 2012.cake cup machine supplier

Finally, a drop in oil prices and the dollar strong failed to produce the desired “positive effect”. A year ago, the international oil price is still high above $100 a barrel, since October last year, oil prices began to decline all the way, would fall to $40 a barrel, although now has rebounded, but still below $60 a barrel.ketchup cup supplier

By rights, the United States is a heavy oil, oil prices are low is big “good”, but in fact is not as good as you think.

In recent years, the shale gas revolution “for the United States to get rid of the” oil importer “hat, but a drop in oil prices for oil and gas companies in the United States was damaged, result in 40% of the oil Wells can not start, production investment fell by 17% in the first quarter of this year.

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