Why most of its European milk cartons

Walked into a supermarket in Germany everywhere almost all infant formula packaging boxed, canned rarely seen. Compared to the rows of canned milk, a lot of people can not help but be amazed at the Chinese supermarket, do so foreign milk powder packaging ‘bad’?
In fact, infant milk carton packaging market in Europe today has become the mainstream, mainly due to the already popular in Europe, the concept of energy saving. Carton packaging not only saves resources, but the tray can be recycled. Even the ink on the paper tray can quickly decompose. Therefore, the packaging of goods are minimalist design elements. Another reason is boxed milk powder with less time exposed to less nutrient loss. Because canned every once opened, so milk is exposed once. Packed in general which is also divided into several pouches filled with a protective gas, natural preserved better.

In the 1960s, Germans Everest was still time to have been drinking milk tin packaging , and with the development of technology and the popularity of the concept of environmental protection is now seen in the milk counter The Te Fufen organic milk, formula milk are Allgäu carton.
November 2013, as the inheritors of Te Fufen centuries quality Aargau officially entered the Chinese market, its natural ingredients cartons and even infants can chew, play,  high alpine pasture to milk, AAA taken vitality formula, but out of love and for the baby’s mother to consider, Aargau also adhere to environmental philosophy, environmental minus ‘negative’.

We can say that infant milk cartons instead of tin packaging adopt progressive era  baby in ensuring food safety, based on the combination of traditional and modern focus, the product formulation is more comprehensive, more balanced nutrition.