Wenzhou Brief introduction

Wenzhou is a prefecture-level city , Zhejiang jurisdiction . China’s first 14 coastal open cities, urban centers Economic Zone . Level historical and cultural city , Zhejiang Province , Zhejiang ‘s economic centers. Southern Zhejiang economic, cultural and transportation center , located in the middle of east China coast , the East Sea in the east , south Fujian Ningde , west of Lishui , Taizhou, north border . January 29, 2013 , Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Department , Wenzhou, Zhejiang listed as the first national smart city pilot. Local people are Chinese people called Oriental Jews .
Over the years, Wenzhou City , Zhejiang Province, has been the influx from other provinces largest city . ( 2013 ) the city’s resident population of close to $ 100 million, of which foreign population has reached more than 400 million , and with the ongoing land reclamation and urban development to promote expansion of the resident population and foreign population is still growing .
Wenzhou is a coastal city landscape Jianghai blend , a city full of vitality , a developed private economy of the city, a culture at the end

City Plaza Corner
Yun deep city , a special ability to entrepreneurial city , an effort in the forefront of the city, a vibrant and exciting city , a city full of charm and fantasy , a city full of wisdom and stories . Wenzhou to [ Chi -line world ] · [ good world ] · [ firm world ] and is well known . Wenzhou Industrial Park settled first e-commerce shuangyu .
Wenzhou is the cradle of Chinese mathematicians , the birthplace of Chinese landscape poetry , China Southern drama hometown, China ‘s first private economic development in areas forefront of reform and opening up .
Wenzhou ancient Shang Wen stresses education, your manners, known as the ” southern Zhejiang Zou Lu .”