Use curling cup clean and sanitary protection

Today with the continuous improvement of living standards, people are still requires good hygiene factor guaranteed. In order to give more friends ideal protection in the sales process, many units in the drinking water would prefer to use when dressed curling cup to help. This product not only in the use of simple and convenient, and the use of clean disposable get recognized a lot of friends.
Curling cup low cost and wide range of applications, both of them at the mall or in the office units have been very good application and promotion. In many places you can see this glass figure, usually presented individually wrapped to ensure that the cup itself has been further improved hygiene factor.

For some high demand of enterprises, can print logo on the underside of the unit cup, so not only can highlight the company’s corporate culture and image also allows the customer to see the strength of your company in the process of using this cup. Little details determine success or failure, the application of this product is the ideal wise choice.