“Two head don’t white paper cups” are still in the sales

Last June 1, disposable paper cup “new gb” began. Relative to previous standards of disposable paper cup, “within 15 mm from the bowl at

the top and the bottom of a cup body within 10 mm should not be printing”, “fluorescent whitening agent shall not be used for whitening”,

“paper cups should not have bad breath” and so on the new rules, the paper cups of raw materials, additives, packaging, printing, etc, put

forward higher request. Recently, the reporter visited the market found that “new gb” implementation of a year, a lot of disposable paper

cups are still wear “blouse”. Reporter Zhao Qiuyun article/photo
Large supermarket information detailed but difficult to reach national standard
Recently, the reporter visited haikou portions of the supermarket, found paper cups brand is various. Within the red city lake road, a large supermarket, journalists from shelves to count about 10 kinds of different brand of paper cups. Most paper cup packaging labeling

purposes, manufacturer name, address, QS certification, executive standard, material, grade, shelf life, such as information, more detailed.
On these paper instructions, for the product features, has written “adopts the food with pure wood pulp PE card design, high temperature

resistant, not easy leakage”, “native wood pulp paper, no fluorescence, no bleaching, no peculiar smell”, “cup body is crisp, easy to use”,

etc. Most of the cup body is full of all kinds of printing design, some design is extended to the bottom edge, some even is the “body” is

printed on the logo, reporters shelf paper contrast and printing position can reach national standard.
“To get the hand feel thick, patterns look good.” Is the supermarket to buy paper cups of aunt wu told reporters that his paper cups when

the choose and buy, paid little attention to the relevant quality certification standards, more don’t know the rules of the the paper cups and

gb, because it is disposable, so I hope the price is cheaper. By the reporter remind, she finally chose a more concise paper cups printing.
Reporter interviewed five citizens randomly, from cup for cup bottom cup body distance can’t print “new gb”, both said they didn’t know.
Wholesale markets for most businesses don’t care about gb
In haikou city comprehensive wholesale Newport aquatic product terminal market of disposable paper cup range due to the price, quality

is uneven.
On the same day, reporters saw on a commodity) paper cups are mostly 50 100 pack of a pack or, in 100 a pack of, for example, prices

ranging from $6 to $18, low price of the only manufacturers such as packaging information, some don’t even have QS logo. Prices higher

paper cups identity information relative detail, but the printing pattern can achieve “gb” is difficult to find its trace.
“We have a good market, are generally the restaurant bought some more.” An owner admits, sold by paper cup although there is no quality authentication marks, but the price is cheap, so it was very popular with the restaurant.
Reporter in the interview found that to promote the enterprise image, some restaurants use the paper cups are specially designed and

manufactured more, most of the paper of the cup body is design, does not comply with the standards “gb”. Said, at the same time, most

of the stores for the new national standard, they heard, but don’t care, didn’t say “cups” will not be able to sell, and there is demand in the

Why paper cups printing “white space” so pay attention to? Experts explained in an interview with the media “gb” purpose: use a cup to

drink water with a pattern of printing, lips close contact, the ink in the printing pattern may be intake in the body, if use is containing

benzene ink, adverse to health; In addition, in the process of packaging, storage, paper cups is often a set of a, there is printed at the

bottom of the cup design, also easy to take the color rub to another on the inner wall of the cup.
Reporter pledges inspect bureau consultation with haikou 12365, staff of answering the phone, said law enforcement also embarrassed.

Although disposable paper cup new gb is June 1 last year, but because the new standards belong to voluntary standards, does not have

mandatory, has the certain difficulty in execution. Moreover, old standard for the industry standard, also has not been abolished.

“Standard cross” is embarrassed in the process of implementing one of the important reasons.
Therefore, warn broad customer, the staff buy paper cup, first to see if there is a QS certification marks, best to regular shopping malls,

supermarkets to buy. Second to look at the paper of paper cups color, should be close to the log color, white is after bleaching processing.

Is, of course, need to smell the smell, the last is based on “paper cups within 15 mm from the bowl at the top and the bottom of cup is

within 10 mm, should not have printing design” the national standard to choose and buy of high quality paper cups.