Three years into more than 3.8 billion guangdong pearl river in guangzhou section

As the scale of the pearl river governance, involving the guangfo guangzhou, two cities of the pearl river water quality has been closely watched. Not long ago, governor zhu xiaodan instructions, “guangfo area water pollution fixed-point sampling ways to make a thorough screening, a new control plan, implementation of the” joint regulation across the administrative areas.
HuanBaoTing yesterday, province announced the guangzhou, foshan of transboundary water pollution comprehensive improvement of the special plan (2013 ~ 2020) “, the “solution” as “nan yue water more clear action plan for important supplement of the” guangzhou pearl river river stable this year to class IV, by 2020, the pearl river in guangzhou section in the plentiful water quality to class “goals and harnessing measure has carried on the elaboration.
By 2015, the pearl river in guangzhou section will invest 3.816 billion yuan, foshan waterway will invest 230 million yuan to carry on the ecological restoration engineering. Complaints to the masses more and more polluted river flood, the guangfo will invest 3.39 billion yuan, both regulation article 55 of the heavy pollution of river flood, carries on the comprehensive improvement of 459.9 kilometers of river flood.
Remedies on close down backward production facilities more quickly
And action plan for nan yue water cleaner in the “breakthrough progress a year, three years, eight years water cleaner”, “plan” of transboundary water pollution in guangzhou, foshan gives the comprehensive improvement of the overall goal of: guangzhou 2013 years ago, the pearl river stability, foshan waterway to V class water quality, guangzhou pearl river river stability to class IV. 2015 years ago the water quality continuous improvement, foshan waterway basic classes, the pearl river in guangzhou section water quality to class “section water”. 2020 years ago, foshan, guangzhou transboundary water transfer that amount to mark, the pearl river in guangzhou section in the plentiful water quality to class, water ecological function.
Access to this, the “scheme” requirement, strict environment, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading. Published annually need to shut down or list of transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, formulate annual implementation scheme of eliminating backward production capacity. Vigorously promote paper making, textile printing and dyeing, tanning, electroplating, chemical and other heavy pollution industry and high water consumption, high pollution, low output, etc. Eliminate backward production capacity. In accordance with the law to stop batch discharge into the rivers of mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and other heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants (pops) project. For not achieving total control, environment quality can not meet the function demand, limited number of areas of significant pollution accident area.
Reporter saw, in the “solution” of key projects, including guangzhou 14 polluters will definitely want to shut down, battery manufacturing, lead and zinc smelting, leather manufacturing, metal surface treatment and heat treatment processing and other industries, annual output value of 470 million yuan. At the same time, the scheme also encourages to establish financial incentive mechanism, the full implementation of discharge permit system, the heavy pollution of the river basin to carry out the chemical oxygen demand (cod) emissions paid using and trading pilot.
“Scheme” requirement, before the end of 2013, completed in accordance with the law of pollutants exceed the total amount of enterprise, and the use of toxic and harmful materials or discharge of poisonous and harmful substances in implement compulsory clean production audit.
Guangfo force regulation 459.9 km heavy pollution
Pearl river in 2011 after eight years of renovation, implementation basic “clearing”. But li qing province HuanBaoTing superintendent also admitted that does not mean all water bodies, but especially drainage trunk and tributaries to maintain good water quality, but in the pearl river delta river flood and black smelly still restricts the small tributaries of pearl river water quality can maintain for a long time. According to the guangdong “twelfth five-year” plan, by 2015 the basic solution to the pearl river delta river pollution.
To this, the plan has been clear about the guangfo area the next 8 years of river flood regulation goal, gradually increase the city water, natural repair capacity. The task must be completed in 2015 in guangzhou, including the east city of gushing, haizhu, stone river 40 heavy pollution such as well for comprehensive improvement, total 321.3 km, mainly includes the construction along the river sewage collection system; Bank regulation, river dredging, on both sides of the wetland construction and greening, landscaping and other projects. To meet at the same time, during the Asian games to carry out the regulation of river flood control effect after evaluation, the regulation scheme are put forward on the control effect is not ideal and implemented quickly.
Foshan gushing, southwest is the key to foshan, foshan waterway 15 heavily polluted river flows such as comprehensive treatment, total 138.7 km.
For a long time, the sewage pipe network construction relative lag, has failed to give full play to the city sewage treatment ability. “Scheme” requirement, by 2015, all organizational system town built sewage concentrated treatment facilities, and gradually increase the rain sewage diversion ratio, the living sewage treatment in cities and towns above 90%. In 2015 in guangzhou city to complete the nine new expansion, a total of 700000 tons/day sewage treatment plant capacity and 505.4 km of sewage pipe network laying work; Foshan new sewage treatment capacity of 90000 tons/day, laying pipeline 83 km.
Signed agreement with the provincial government to the public water conservancy
How to guarantee the guangfo water conservancy power is collaborative goal?
“Solution” makes reference to the previous in foshan Fen rivers and effective in the treatment of the “long river”, guangzhou requirement for the pearl river, southwest of foshan waterway, chung, reed canary buds gushing, gate waterway, flowers, flow of key river basin governance springs, such as “long river” responsibility system, in accordance with the government is responsible for the district environmental quality of legal requirements, as a “long river” by all levels of government principal, responsible for water pollution prevention and ecological protection within their respective jurisdictions.
Will be heavily polluted river basin management’s main goal, task, into the “long river” achievements appraisal, and publish to the society the assessment results, the year inspection unqualified questioning “long river”; For two consecutive years of unqualified report criticism; For three consecutive years of unqualified, strictly implement “one ticket veto”, two years may not be promoted. Excellent “long river” the assessment of a year prizes, for two consecutive years of outstanding give recognition and reward, for three consecutive years of outstanding give preferential promotion.
“Solution”, according to the synchronous implementation of guangzhou and foshan assessment method of integrated control of transboundary water pollution, municipal government of water environment quality improvement goals and responsibilities, and agreement signed with the provincial government responsibility, the assessment results shall publish to the society, and accept public supervision and inquiry. Strict enforcement of environmental protection responsibility system, implement “one ticket veto” for those responsible. Regularly publish to the society the important water source, the cross-border transfer of river water quality of cross section and the public attention