The United States Disney paper products made in China

Involved animated movies, theme parks, children’s supplies, household products, plush toys, and other fields of the Disney company

almost no one don’t know, but you know that Disney’s animation modelling material in paper and DIY handmade paper products for

global sales, is a paper products company production of yangzhou? Yesterday, the reporter went to the company located in Yang Shou

town for a visit.
On-site visit
An area of 3400 square meters workshop to complete all process
Yesterday morning, reporters came to the United States the Walt Disney company manufacturing DIY handmade paper yangzhou Wan

Muchun paper products co., LTD. The reporter understands, the United States the Walt Disney company in addition to use these DIY

hand-made paper products exquisite cartoon shape, ordinary users sales to the United States, used for preschool children to make

cartoon fairy tale handiwork and kindergarten decoration supplies.
In the company’s production workshop, piled up a lot of raw materials and semi-finished products. Company general manager wang jun

work is introduced, and the total area of 3400 square meters workshop, according to the division within the process in the large workshop manufacturing paper out of their respective areas. The papermaking process is mainly conducted on raw material paper, laminating,

pressing, cutting, coloring and then pack the goods according to the packaging requirements of different products.”
Wang junwork introduction, now the products of the company has metal corrugated paper, color paper card, rainbow paper, laser paper,

etc. 27 varieties.
In the packaging area, and some packaging paper products, on the outer packing as you can see, these products will be sent to the United

Kingdom, Peru, Turkey and other countries, “and some are made of products are Germany, the United States, Russia and other countries.”

Wang junwork is introduced, to send to Disney’s products have been produced in the United States, now as long as for packaging, June will

be sent to the destination.
Met in the Canton fair
A number of small orders become attached to “Disney”
Talk about Disney company authorized by the United States production of paper products, DIY manual wang junwork feel very lucky. “

Before, I have been engaged in building decoration business, career change paper products until 2008. I didn’t think entrepreneurship

was less than two years, was targeted by the Disney company.” Wang junwork to Disney this barrel of gold is particularly impressive.
“In 2010 to the autumn Canton fair, there is a foreigner to us about prices of various kinds of paper. Because customers a lot, so I didn’t

care about at that time. But I didn’t think before long, the foreigner should find our company, after a site visit was under $400000 worth

of orders. What is more did not think of, his name was when he left the foreigners from the well-known Disney, and this batch of order is

geared to the needs of global sales of paper.”
Wang junwork tells a reporter, because very pleased with this batch of orders, 2011 Disney company dedicated to their company for

authorization. But this also means that during the 3 years from 2011 to 2011, they became the only one for Disney production animation

modelling raw material paper and DIY handmade paper products business. “To see 3 years license will soon expire, late last month, the

Walt Disney company and entrust the professional inspection company to come to inspection, and planned to sign the next three years.”
For 600 tons of paper
Because of the quality and punctuality won favor price
Why countless national production of paper products business, Disney must take a fancy to the scale of production is only more than 2000

ten thousand yuan of small businesses? Wang junwork thought, quality, price, punctuality is the Disney in the select paper products

“three elements” of enterprise value most.
According to understand, coloring and cutting is the key to the quality of paper products. In terms of color, general grams heavier can

better guarantee the paper color saturation and uniformity. However, the color of most enterprises g to 3 g, 5 g and “Wan Muchun” had

reached. In cutting section, Wan Muchun paper error is far higher than that stipulated in the standard of 0.1 mm to 1 mm.
Wang argued, because of quality assurance, now they don’t have to send the other sample shipment inspection, but direct shipments to

the United States. In addition, they also cut down the price by mass production. As for the delivery time, and never delay.
Just three years, “Wan Muchun” paper products for Disney’s order has been from the beginning of 3 million yuan/year rose to 8 million

yuan/year, amount of paper is as high as 600 tons/year. “For our paper products companies, general 2 million/year order is a big

customer.” Wang argued.
Bring the new idea
By the generation of processing to finished product production
The authorization of Disney not only brings to the enterprise the most direct economic benefits, but also in virtually as a bonus when they

accept other orders.
According to wang junwork, according to the requirement of the Disney, paper cutting error must be within 0.1 mm, in order to meet this requirement, they specially bought a is the most advanced cutting equipment. Unexpectedly, it is because of this equipment precise error

rate, make them smoothly carries on a big order to Germany.
“In order to satisfy the requirement of Disney, this authorization of 3 years, our paper products category from at the beginning of 4 kinds

of increased to 27 kinds, color is also increased to hundreds of species. In addition, there are places such as Russia, the UK customers are

with us for Disney special paper products actively seek order.”
It is understood that in addition to authorized paper products, Wan Muchun paper also responsible for the Disney in yangzhou now

purchasing non-woven cloth, then who is responsible for cutting after the package sent to the United States, used to make stuffed animals.
For enterprise development in the future, wang junwork told reporters that company produces non-woven fabrics for Disney is they will

want to do. In addition, the cooperation with Disney also let them see the DIY paper market prospect. “Compared with the direct do the

finished product, processing paper products not only our generation procedure is multifarious, and profit is limited. So in the future we

will gradually increase the proportion of finished product production, finished product market.”