Vice mayor XuWenYou has forbidden the supermarket “have stripes” paper cups all the frame

On January 9,, shenyang evening paper cups in the new national standard formal implementation after seven months to return to the market survey found that illegal “blouse” shen city common paper cups on some of the supermarket is still in sales. Shenyang evening news reported immediately to the illegal “blouse” paper cups big supermarket shelves again “, the report after coming out, cause social widespread attention and vice mayor, city public security bureau chief XuWenYou it make instructions that relevant departments immediately investigated and dealt with.
Yesterday afternoon, shenyang city public security bureau of food and drug crime investigation team huanggu branch jointly with food and drug crime investigation brigade, city industrial and commercial bureau huanggu branch food circulation management inspection team to the matter, shall be ordered to investigate the supermarket illegal paper cups all the frame, the sale amount before all confiscated.
The secret MoZha 1: general flower paper cups big supermarket is still in the peddle
Time: on January 11, in 15
On January 11, 15, reporters follow dressed in plain clothes law enforcement personnel to report that illegal paper cups sales supermarket MoZha secret. In the supermarket, journalists and law enforcement personnel to see, the report mentioned the name “lovely can” illegal paper cups still in sales. In addition, in the shelf significant position and four brands of illegal paper cups still in sales, together there are five brand 12 products. One name for “unusual” paper cups, points, four kinds of style, is a hemline is blue or orange surrounded printed paper cups, one is white printing green branches and leaves type pattern, one is white seal red pattern, one is white yellow pattern of small paper cups. And name as “strong, beautiful” paper cups, white seal blue pattern.
The most striking is another two brand of paper cups. Name for “good wife” paper cups, 70 only/bag, cup and the printing design is green lotus and the lotus leaf, mainly concentrated in the new national standard of banned edge and cup bottom a printing. Name for “yuan kun” “the home has occasion” paper cup is the most serious in the cups, itself is one whole body is red cup, it also has all sorts of color printing, obviously has involves a breach of the new national standard.
The secret MoZha 2: part of the frame, the wholesale market release cargo
Time: on January 11, and 30 points
Reporter in September report mentioned, is located in the north near acoustic scenes of a large supermarket, there is one name for “best clean” paper cups also touched the new gauge, the specification is 100 only outfit, price is 33.9 yuan. The cup body although is white, but with the above adorn blue pattern, some are printed on edge and cup bottom, obviously and the provisions of the new national standard not. And 11 journalist again came to the supermarket when found that those who violate compasses paper cups had already been withdrawn. The supermarket staff said, supermarkets have long known that the provisions of the new national standard, and make strict regulation, but the new buyer does not know. See in the report, they quickly under the frame of all products and check the other chain.
The supermarket is still in sales, wholesale market is still in release cargo? Then, the reporter comes to shenyang commodity wholesale and retail market, one of the DaDongOu commodity world, here saw a shops are still in sales of paper cups. One is from anqing guest products co., LTD. Is the production of paper cups, white paper cups the printed with orange flowers, flower stem from the cup bottom start extended upward. And in a paper cup, the cup body is red and white alternate with grid bedclothes.
Enforcement action 1: the supermarket staff say don’t understand the new gauge
Time: on January 14, and 30 points
Shenyang evening news reporter with law enforcement officials came to a large supermarket, found illegal paper cups are still in sales, and to 3.9 yuan/fifty only promotion body red “home have occasion” paper cups caused the consumer attention.
“From June 1, 2012 on, paper cups new national standard formal implementation. China national standards from the cup edge body within 15 mm from the cup and cup bottom body within 10 mm are not printed pattern.” When the law enforcement personnel to explain the reason, in the shelf nearby staff said to paper cups “illegal” the reason is unknown. Dressed in a blue dress staff also said he didn’t know about the new gb, carefully asked gb relevant regulations HouXin born wonder, and ask whether this paper cups will not sell.
On the same day, the supermarket a person in charge in hear city industrial and commercial bureau huanggu branch related personnel when it comes to the new gauge, should take up a new production date is on February 15, 2011 of paper cups asked, “new gb is on June 1, 2012 implementation of, that in previous production should be how to do? Is not in the scope?”
Enforcement action 2: “illegal” paper cups was sealed, the loan was paid
Time: on January 14, 15 PM
“According to” product quality law of the People’s Republic of article 13 of the provisions of article and 49, including on the counter and inventory, the illegal paper cups will proceed to the next frame, seal, and the amount of sales income before will be confiscated. City industrial and commercial bureau huanggu branch food circulation management inspection team vice district chief LiDongMing said.
Then, the supermarket staff began to five brand 12 products, and the frame by the municipal industrial and commercial bureau huanggu branch food circulation management and supervision of the ministry of commerce issued implementation of compulsory administrative measures decision. At the same time, the supermarket staff began to these products to shift, see nearly a month to the purchase, sales and inventory situation. Five brand 12 product 865 bag, selling 510 bag, the inventory with 355 bales. The low price promotion body red “home have occasion” paper cups sales the best, nearly a month sales of 362 bales. On January 13, will sell and package.
“Now, not only to the supermarket illegal paper cups to the next frame, other shop also to this kind of illegal paper cups in the frame.” LiDongMing said.