The paper must be qualified Cupcake

We can be found in the shop the cake shop, there are a lot of cake outer surface will have a layer of paper,

the layer of paper is today I stuffy said cupcake.
The invention of paper cake tray, can let us in the edible cake hand not stained with oil, also let the contact

area with the other vessel cake rarely, more clean and sanitary. Cake is a kind of food, so the paper cake tray

paper must use edible paper.
Now many cupcakes look very beautiful, but these cupcakes in the paper are not necessarily meet edible standard.

If the paper is paper cake tray is bad, after eating the direct harm to human health. So in the purchase of a cupcake cake,

attention must be paid to the quality of the cupcake.
The general quality paper cake tray surface is relatively smooth, no rough sense, Cupcake paper of good quality and

does not contain brighteners, color is very normal. Finally also want cake manufacturers can stand in the angle of consumer

health considerations, do not use inferior cupcake.