The market is in accord with “national standard” disposable paper cups

June 1, in view of the disposable paper cup “new gb” has been officially implemented. However, reporters visited recently in the find, working for half a year long new gb, in our city are not affected by the merchants pay attention to, in line with “gb” disposable paper cups in the rare.
With the Spring Festival is drawing near, disposable paper cup sales has entered a small high tide. On December 29,, reporters from the wholesale market will sell some disposable tableware merchants that, with the arrival of the Spring Festival, disposable paper cup is in selling season. “Recently, buy disposable paper cup customers many, retail, it at least every day to sell a box, good time can you sell three or four box.” A disposable goods store boss is introduced.
Then, the reporter comes to leshan city is located in a supermarket, jiefang road, in the sales paper cups aisle, reporter noticed that the brand of paper cups products, filled up with two rows of shelves, rough counted, about a dozen. Fifty only hold 200 ml cups in price from a few dollars to more than ten yuan differ, all kinds of price make a person dazzling. “Recently, supermarket sales of paper cups are good, more than the usual sales more than three times, near the end of the year, the home visitors this is to avoid, a lot of citizens can choose at this time to acquire some, some customers buy is a two 3 packets.”
In the part of the farmer’s market and small articles of daily use market, the reporter noticed that some booths selling paper cups have “neutral” products, the cup in a plastic bag simple packaging, no production date, production factory address and phone number and other information. In a wholesale market, the reporter carefully looked at the part of disposable paper cup found that although some bags indicate the production date, name address, production batch, telephone, certificate of approval, implement the provisions of the standard content, but marked with QS mark of but very few.
“Our disposable paper cup price cheap, restaurants, cold drink shop all like to purchase. A wholesale market vendors told reporters. Then, the reporter in multiple street food shop that sells visit, soya-bean milk, hot and sour powder on the stall filled up with all kinds of paper cup, paper bowl. Most of the soybean milk paper cup, cup bottom part and edge is printing the words or patterns, some even connect body to be printed.
“New gb” paper cups relative previous industry standards, “close distance cup body within 15 mm from the cup, the cup bottom body within 10 mm should not be printing”, “shall not use fluorescent whitening agent whitening”, “paper cups should not have peculiar smell” and so on the new regulations, the paper cups of raw materials, additives, packaging, printing etc. To put forward higher requirements. However, the reporter found in the visit, working for half a year long new gb, in our city are not affected by the merchants pay attention to, in line with “gb” disposable paper cup few and far between.
In the liberation address the supermarket, the reporter optional on the shelf took several paper cups, these paper cups on the outer package with related authentication information. Part of the paper cups with “thickening leakage” and “no whitening agent”, “environmental health” and so on propaganda, but reporters found that most paper cups from the edge to the cup bottom are printed with color decorative pattern, even if some paper cup edge place is blank, also do not have to “15 mm” standards. Then, the reporter in the city some restaurants, liquor stores, the businessman also found that the use of paper cups most “general” printing, most of the requirements.
“You are there any new gb of disposable paper cup?” In the liberation in the supermarket department store address, when the reporter asked, obviously unhappy businessman. “You can rest assured, the paper cups have QS mark, all conform to the state provisions, sell very well, it is new to come in, rest assured that quality no problem.” The shop sales staff said.