The greatest feature of the bakingcup machine at a moderate speed

Ordinary edge cup machine separate from independent operating without a turntable cycle to baking cup forming, belongs to the improved upgrade, so as to optimize the internal drive of the machine structure, scientific distribution function, greatly reduce the wear and tear caused by big inertia, the fault monitoring installation, changed the equipment performance, make the production fast smooth and safe operation. If there is any trouble, will make the machine automatically stop working, and reduces the labor intensity of workers, both implements humanized management, and greatly avoids the accident happen again and again, improved their own safety stability of the equipment. Overview of advantages:

1, the design USES different open cylinder and indexing CAM position

2, mechanical parts in the intensity of labor, the high-end automatic lubrication system, can better safeguard the machine itself.

3, the entire configuration high-tech downtime monitoring system operation, to ensure construction safety.

4., Switzerland join the heater, heating effect and flower quality has great promise.

square baking cup machine (3)