The fifth international paper Egypt sif forum

2012 as Egypt political stability, economic recovery in the first year, look already a long time of foreign entrepreneurs have beat into Egypt market. As the Middle East and Africa the most professional Egypt paper sif forum, 2012 international exhibition of the scale to 61%, the emergence of a historic breakthrough. There are 208 countries and a well-known exhibitors to join us. Among them, Germany, India, China, Italy, Taiwan to countries in the form of exhibition. Exhibition area reached 8500 flat, attracted a total of 10000 people, professional visitors who were from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the united Arab emirates, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, Morocco, South Africa, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Ethiopia and the Middle East and Africa. The product analysis: papermaking enterprise 27.70%; Corrugated 19.80%; Life paper 11.90%; Accessories 10.90%; Material 10.90%; Testing equipment 6.90%; The other 11.90%. In addition, in the list, we found that repeat the enterprise reaches as high as 37.2%, in particular the German pavilion, repeat the reached 80%. Repeat the analysis: corrugated paper 45.00%; Paper mill 40.40%; Life paper 66.70%; Accessories 36.40%; Material 18.20%; Testing equipment 28.60%; The other 25.00%
Pan Arab region paper market of the great business opportunity:
It is understood that the pan-arab area has a population of about 580 million people, the paper products of the production, consumption and import is growing rapidly. The Middle East is a rapidly growing paper product market, especially Egypt’s paper industry in recent years showed strong growth momentum, the paper and board production and demand grew at an average annual rate of more than 10% cotton paper, corrugated paper year growth rate is 5% – 7%; Printing industry with an average annual rate of 15%. At present the Middle East paper, cardboard, toilet paper and paper products processing consumption are at a higher level, and five years ago an estimated 25% of the growth in per capita consumption, for 36 kg, 2013 kg and is expected to reach. Due to the local capacity can not meet the growing consumer demand, the paper market about 62% of the paper needs depend on import. At present the Middle East and north Africa paper consumption is about 16.7 million tons, 9.4 million tons need to import. Along with the Middle East and north Africa residents the improvement of living standards and consumption consciousness change, market for high-grade toilet paper, clean the toilet paper, sanitary napkin, disposable diaper demand is increasing. In this situation, many local life paper processing factory, they have put into production for high quality production equipment and toilet paper base demand has become a great opportunities for the development of the market.
In addition, kraft paper, cultural printing paper and packaging board, etc in the Middle East is also popular. Subject to the present situation of the shortage of water resources, the Middle East market lack of papermaking factory. In recent years, the Middle East huge paper market potential led the development of the local paper processing. The corrugated board machine, cultural printing paper, packaging paper, food wrapping paper and other products have greater demand.