Tax cuts are save small and micro businesses should have to keep it in place

“The tax cut down costs, especially for Small and micro businesses’ accurate implementation of tax cuts, ‘itself is a positive fiscal policy. Moreover, it is also beneficial to adjust the structure of income distribution.” The executive meetings of the State Council on day 25, said Premier Li keqiang.
For the first time, the State Council executive meeting held after the Spring Festival holiday, and identified a series of further tax cuts Jiangfei measures: enjoy the little micro enterprise wide corporate income tax preferential policies, the taxable income less than 100000 yuan to expand to 200000 yuan, according to 20% tax rate to pay enterprise income tax; the actual proceeds will be had been the pilot of the individual to the equity, real estate, technological invention and other non monetary assets for investment, by the one-time tax changed to staging tax preferential policies to promote national; the unemployment insurance rate from the current 3% to 2% unified regulations.
Li Keqiang said that the proactive fiscal policy we speak in the past, the traditional idea is to expand the fiscal deficit, come up with the money to invest, these measures of course still need. But it must be clear, let the proactive fiscal policy more effective, must be in “to Small and micro businesses burden” aspects in the article!
If the thousands on thousands of people can join the business innovation, will release a huge economic vitality and creativity, vitality, this is also where the toughness China economy
On the eve of the Spring Festival, Li Keqiang in Liping County of Guizhou Province during the period of investigation, made a special trip to in-depth local shops lined Alice street, asked in detail about the operation of the owner, in the market economy “nerve ending” perception “temperature”.
“I was picked up an umbrella, open view, very beautiful, one asked the price only 10 dollars.” Standing conference of 25 days, the prime minister again the situation at that time, “many farmers out do small stores that sell things quite cheap, earn money is not easy, very hard. For small and micro businesses that income does not high to implement tax, is conducive to the release of the vitality of the economy, but also conducive to adjust the structure of income distribution of our.”
He pointed out that, today’s meeting to study further tax cuts Jiangfei measures can be described as “the right time”.
“Over the past year, we several times in a row is introduced as a Small and micro businesses tax, policy burden, which played an important role to keep employment steady growth last year. At present, the economy is still facing a serious downward pressure, business face no small difficulty, must give small micro enterprise more tax cuts and other support policies.” He said, “to resist the pressure of the economic downturn, the promotion of small micro enterprise development, this is our duty. The Chinese people are industrious, if tens of thousands of people can join the entrepreneurial innovation, will release a huge economic vitality and creativity, vitality, this is also where the toughness of the Chinese economy.”
Tax on many small micro enterprise is to “help” thing, since the policy, the “let” interests must be “let in place”
Li Keqiang asked the relevant departments, tax cuts in the lower fees policies, must immediately organize relevant personnel “on inspection”, see preferential policy is not realized.
“Last year we to small micro enterprise once the introduction of tax policy measures, but from the result of the examination, some places the actual effect and the expected there is still a gap, the middle and the ‘obstruction’, make the preferential policy discount.” The prime minister said.
He emphasizes, tax cuts for the Small and micro businesses down costs, is an important move to the implementation of the proactive fiscal policy, can drive more jobs, better.
“We must not only through the commercial system reform, make the new enterprise registration number is’ blowout ‘growth, we need to make these enterprises’ live’ down.” Li Keqiang said, “tax for many Small and micro businesses is’ help ‘thing, since the policy, the’ let ‘interests must be’ let in place ‘, not aliasing at the grass-roots implementation process”!”
The ministries will “dig”, to see what can be a “burden” of potential business
Discussion of the study to reduce the rate of unemployment insurance, Li Keqiang said, this is a universal Jiangfei measures, is expected to be available each year for the enterprise and the staff to reduce the burden of about 40000000000 yuan.
“The measures in line with the current response to the downtown pressure on the economy, the protection of employment requirements, more is a great support to the enterprise, is a ‘good’!” He said, “ministries to ‘dig’, to see what can be for enterprises’ burden ‘potential, could you find some way?”
“The current downtown pressure on the economy despite the great, but we still have full confidence in the prospects for economic.” Li Keqiang said, “where is the confidence? On the one hand, I state the Midwest this tremendous leeway; on the other hand, in the innovation of macro-control, and larger space with many of our policy tools, the future can continue to increase the intensity of.”
He points out, for the enterprise tax may temporarily reduce revenue, but it can help the enterprise to survive, is the “water culture”, the long run is in water conservation.
“I again, not only increase the deficit, big project is the proactive fiscal policy. We give the enterprise tax cuts Jiangfei, also is the proactive fiscal policy!” Li Keqiang said