Starbucks cups lobby “fiscal cliff”

The United States starbucks coffee chain company will use produced paper cups to congress transmission signal, hope senators budget negotiations to reach an agreement, to prevent the United States drop the “fiscal cliff”.
Starbucks coffee company CEO Howard schultz is calling for Washington about 120 stores in 27 employees, and customers, in the cups to write “together” slogan. President barack Obama who and Congressman this two days will continue to “fiscal cliff” negotiations.
Starbucks this activity is designed to exist differences of democracy, the republican party two transfer information for the public appeals to reach an agreement as soon as possible. If the two parties can’t in the January 1 rate is raised and cutting government spending to reach an agreement, the American economy could fall into recession again.
The enterprise to the traditional media and new media transfer this slogan, including social networking sites and release information in a newspaper advertisement.
“If consultation no progress, we will expand propaganda… we are to give attention to the progress, disappointment, we should be able to do better,” schultz told Reuters.