sichuan Introduction

Sichuan is located in western China , in the southwest , northwest and central regions of the important junction, is to undertake Hua Nanhua , connect Southwest Northwest , Southeast Asia, central and south Asian communicate important meeting point and transport corridors . [ 1 ] Sichuan inhabited by the Han , Tibetan, Qiang , Yi and other ethnic groups , known as ” China’s second Tibet “, ” China’s only Qiang enclave “, ” China’s first Yi gathering area .” Sichuan has rich tourism resources , has always been ” world landscape is Shu” , and ” Emei show , world Qingcheng , Jianmen dangerous world , Kuimen male ” reputation. Sichuan has five World Heritage Sites , the number second only to Beijing ‘s six , ranking second in the country ; and World Heritage variety, there are three world natural heritage ( Jiuzhaigou , Huanglong, Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries ) , a world heritage ( Dujiangyan – Qingcheng Mountain ) , a world natural and cultural heritage site ( Mount Emei – Leshan Giant Buddha ) . [ 2 ] There Sichuan Gongga Mountain ( King of Shushan ) , Huaying ( world love mountains ) , Luoji , Tiantai Mountain , Qingcheng Mountain ( one of China’s four famous Taoist ) , Thousand Buddha Mountain, Siguniangshan ( Shushan Queen ) , Mengding , Mount Emei ( one of China’s four famous Buddhist mountains ) , Xiling Snow Mountain and other famous peaks, mountain ranges with transection Que , Snowy Mountains , Qionglaishan , Minshan , and Liangshan , small Liangshan , Longmen Dan Jingshan Gexian mountain Micangshan , Daba , Longquan Hill size mountains.
In ” River Gorge four ” named . ” River” , a means rivers Okawa ; a dam means plain or hilly areas, such as ” Plains .” Sichuan ‘s ” River” from the latter. Qin Shujun home , Han Yizhou . Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms of land . Tang subordinates jiannandao and Shannan East Hill Nancy Road . Sichuan Yi Zi Li Kui to four named. Let River Gorge Road Song , the latter divided Nishikawa Road and Gorge Road West , collectively known as ” River Gorge Road ” , and then sub Nishikawa Road in Yizhou Road , Azusa State Road , State Road Tametoshi sub Gap Road , Kuizhou Road , collectively, the ” River Gorge Quad ” , referred to as ” Sichuan Road ,” set during the Sichuan Zhizhi Shi , named after the beginning of Sichuan , Sichuan is also suggested that the territory of the four named after the river , they were Jialing River, Minjiang, Jialing Tuo River and Jinsha River or the Minjiang River , Tuo River and Wujiang River . After Yizhou Road in Chengdu Rd , State Road in Tongchuan change Azusa Rd , State Road Tametoshi state benefit- East , West . Dollar home in Sichuan Province and Sichuan provinces and West Sichuan Sichuan Road ; next home in Sichuan administrative commissioner ; clear change in Sichuan Province ; into the beginning of the founding of eastern Sichuan , southern Sichuan , western , northern Sichuan four administrative office , after the merger restore Sichuan.
Sichuan is China’s important industrial bases. Has to Changhong Group , Jiuzhou Group Defense Science and Technology on behalf of hundreds of billions of electronic information industry to Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group, Dongfang Electric Group , represented by defense heavy large key enterprises, to New Hope Group and Wuliangye Group is a large enterprise of private representative . 2012 Sichuan ‘s GDP (GDP) 23849.8 billion yuan, ranking No. 8 .