Shunde city History

Shunde most of the land territory , in ancient times is essentially covered by the sea . Dating from about 2500 to 5000 , due to river sedimentation , xingtan , leliu , Longjiang gradually become land . Spring and Autumn Period , living in this northern part of Guangdong and Guangdong in the vicinity of “South Vietnam ” People came in Shunde , Shunde, they are the first inhabitants .
Since the Qin Shi Huang unified Lingnan , set the county , to the Northern and Southern , Shunde, Panyu County is South County . Sui Dynasty onwards , is the separation of the South China Sea, Panyu County County , Southern Han Dynasty when the separation of the genus Xinhui County, Xianning County , and Ru Nanhai County Song again . To the early Ming Dynasty , Shunde, fruit-based ponds has a larger scale , cultural prosperity , has a population over 70,000 .
Shunde, the ancient seat Gangzhou too Burgundy Strait
Shunde county built before , the South China Sea , where Xinhui County . Song Shunde is the development of a critical period. Southern Song Dynasty, people fled along with the court , so that rapid population growth in Shunde . 1452 , at the outbreak of yellow longan leliu Xiao Yang uprising , in order to strengthen the rule of the Ming Dynasty Jingtai years prompting ( 1452 ) , the South China Sea, Tung Chung , Ma Ning , Ding An, pour four are 37 West Fort and the new Fort ‘s white cane ( October 1958 reverted Xinhui County ) draw , set Shunde County , take ” Shun Tak ” meaning, to which too Burgundy fort for the county , and renamed the great good . In the past people often put big- called Fengcheng .
Shunde county built after the Ming and Qing are Guangzhou government . When the Revolution under the Guangdong Road , 1920 Waste Road , Shunde, Guangdong Provincial Government has attached to the Kuomintang regime and members of the Central Office of appeasement , the first Chief Inspector Instructor Office .
Spring and Autumn Period
According to archaeological finds , dating back 2,000 years ago , the more Ancesters activities have been residing in Shunde .
Tang Dynasty
Fairs appear ( Yongsan Ooka dike ) . Huang Chao Uprising army south of Guangzhou , had stationed themselves today Ronggui , berberine, water from the north , Madhi and other places, ” the army for the city to phase trumpet call .”
Large-scale land reclamation embankment , plug cutting as ponds, soil stack into a base , the rise -pond agriculture. Cultural gradually Hing , hi Bay ( now LUNJIAO Chung Hei ) who the champion Zhang Zhen Sun . Abolishment of Imperial Examination to date, the county a total of four champion Guo Wenwu , 3l8 Clerical Scholars, a Wu examination ; poetry , literary societies , painting will unbroken , the emergence of a number of world-class reputation north and south and a lot of celebrity culture and the arts have effects writings and paintings arts masterpiece .
Ming Dynasty
Specialized commercial agriculture appears. Before the middle , litchi, longan “flow ZU world .” After the mid- rise sericulture industry .
Orthodox fourteen years ( 1449 ) , Chong Hok Fort farmer Huang Xiao Yang mobilize uprising, establishing the Big East country . The following year failed.
Jingtai three years ( 1452 ) , the court set aside the South China Sea County Tung Chung , Ma Ning , Ding An, West poured four are thirty Qibao and Xinhui County BaiTeng fort, located in Shunde County .
Junji four years ( 1647 ) , Chen Bangyan Jubing KangQing County , known as “South after three faithful ” one.
Tongzhi thirteen years ( 1874 ) , the first machine filature run . Since then, with the machine reeling industry flourishing , the county set off ” Tong Yi Tian building , waste rice mulberry tree ” climax .
1920s , Shunde silk industry enters its peak period , Shunde, known as the “southern silk capital” and the ” Bank of Canton .” 30 years later, by the world economic depression and the Japanese invasion of successive shocks, the economy was finally flourished in Shunde collapse .
1920s , Communist Party established in Shunde , peasant movement flourished .
In 1938, the Japanese invasion of Shunde , Shunde people to resist . Until 1945 , the whole territory of the downtrodden , the resident population of 850,000 before the war , postwar remaining 370,000 .
After the founding of the PRC
October 28, 1949 , Shunde Liberation People’s Liberation Army stationed in Shunde , October 30 , Yung ( odd ) Burgundy ( big- ) military control was established . March 20, 1950 , Shunde County People’s Government formally established under the Administrative Office of the Pearl River .
In 1955, Shunde County People’s Committee was established under the Administrative Office in Guangdong .
1958 , Shunde and Panyu counties combined , renamed Fan Shun County, under the Foshan area.
In June 1959 , Shunde, Panyu counties formed restored, still attached to Foshan Shunde area .
In 1968, Shunde County Revolutionary Committee was established under the Foshan area. December 1978 after the Third Plenary Session of the CPC , the county government to grasp the opportunity to lead the people of the county to develop the socialist commodity economy and township enterprises, Shunde become a well-known Chinese and foreign country “home appliances capital” , “furniture Kingdom ” , the country ‘s top ten township enterprises in Shunde has its five . In just ten years, completed from the agricultural to the industrial city across the county . In 1980, restoration Shunde County People’s Government , under the Foshan area .
In June 1983 , after the revocation of Foshan , Foshan membership .
February 1992 , the CPC Guangdong provincial government to determine Shunde as comprehensive reform pilot counties ( city ) , in subsequent years , successfully carried out the administrative system , enterprise property right system , the rural management system and social security system of comprehensive reform , the initial establishment from the institutional framework of the socialist market system , Shunde laid the institutional foundation for future economic development , achieve economic development in the second leap .
March 26, 1992 , the State Council approved a county in Shunde City , Shunde into rapid urbanization development stage.
July 27, 1999 , the CPC Guangdong provincial government to determine Shunde City of lead in realizing modernization pilot municipalities , prefecture-level city of Shunde given the economic and social management authority, in economic and social affairs of the province directly responsible for , higher, higher administrative privileges Shunde off once again adds accelerant .
July 27, 1999 , Shunde county level to maintain the same premise , in addition to committees, discipline inspection, supervision , courts, prosecutors and other vertical management system and the national authorities still maintain the existing administrative privileges hosted by Foshan City , all other economic, social , cultural and other aspects of the transaction , giving Shunde exercise prefecture-level city management authority, and is directly responsible for the province .
December 8, 2002 , the State Council approved the adjustment of administrative divisions , Foshan , Shunde City revoked , the establishment of Shunde .
January 8, 2003 , incorporated Foshan City , Foshan City area to become .
2006 , Shunde GDP exceeded 100 billion yuan , becoming the first to achieve 100 billion yuan , China’s GDP of the county economy , based on ” Shunde ” has become China’s industrial clusters, private economy, innovation and a model for its own brand and representatives .
August 17, 2009 , in addition to committees, discipline inspection, supervision , court, procuratorate system and the need to coordinate the management of the affairs of the city , all other economic, social , cultural and other aspects of the transaction , giving the exercise of the prefecture-level city of Shunde District administrative privileges.
April 2010 , by the recovery of Zhuhai Hengqin New Area Administrative Committee , Shunde, Foshan , Shunde in Hengqin reclamation district center groove all state-owned land use rights .
February 11, 2011 afternoon , Shunde District , Foshan City, Guangdong Province, the first provincial governing county pilot project , which opened in Guangdong ” provincial governing county” reform prologue.