Should pay attention to what matters baking cup machine selection?

Now with the continuous relaxation of policies in China, more and more people start their own businesses,

there are a lot of people to choose to open the cake factory in independent business process, but in the open

cake factory will be used in the process to some baking cup machine, baking cup machine is fixed to the tulip cup better,

wholesale cake cups of finished products will be relatively high, so many bosses began to directly buy a

baking cup machine production. So, when should pay attention to what matters baking cup machine

selection here for everyone to introduce?.
First, the choice should pay attention to is to look at whether this machine after the national related inspection department

certification, how can understand that this machine is not after the national related inspection agencies recognize

no authentication? Can the above verification number down through on-line special inquiry certification website query.
Item second, to note is to see this machine has no leakage phenomenon or quality above problem.
Notes on selected baking cup machine about these, I hope everyone can buy the right products.