Shandong pulp and paper products leading the main economic indicators

Facing tough economic times, papermaking and paper products in shandong province’s main economic indicators are still leading the

country. Reporter from February 26 at a work conference that shandong province light industry, in 2012, the shandong province

papermaking and paper products to achieve profits of 21.64 billion yuan, up 16% from a year earlier, profit of 13.81 billion yuan, up

13.65% from a year earlier, tax turnover, profit targets 18 year in a row, the first in the nation.

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Paper and paper products is a traditional superior industry in our province, close to news publishing industry, etc. At present, the

province has 789 paper and paper products enterprises above designated size, annual sales income of 244.04 billion yuan in 2012,

up 14.4% from a year earlier, growth is higher than the province’s industrial growth of 11.4%. Look from the production, the province

papermaking industry machine made paper and paperboard output of 20.25 million tons, up 7% from a year earlier, the output of pape

r products is 3.406 million tons, up 18.5% from a year earlier.
Province papermaking industry association analysis, optimize and upgrade the industrial structure of our province papermaking and

paper products, industrial concentration is high, long industrial chain, has obvious competitive advantage. At the end of last year, before

the paper making industry in the province of five pulp production enterprise production concentration is 80%, ten paper production

enterprise production concentration up to 68%.