Related to the production process curling cup machine

Curling cup pastry industry in more than a few of the rooms have the shape of the cake packaging at the top position, curling cup has thus been developed.
Now the market curling cup PET materials are used in the majority, most are 110 g specifications, PET coated paper cup curling is now a major application of the material, as is the food-related industry together, so follow the principle of material selection curling cup on a healthy, green and pollution-free.

Most of the cup before curling are kraft color, simplicity, at most, a few words be decorated, but now with the development of curling Cup era, people demand multi-angle, focus on the shape, the color becomes an indispensable part of curling cup, printing has also divided 1-4 color printing and spot color printing, which can all be customized according to the needs of different businesses to meet the needs of more people.

Curling cup size, there are many aspects of the specifications, the size of the market now has close to a dozen species, meet the basic needs of the market, and can be customized in different shapes.

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As technology advances, the production process will be more good curling cup.