China (Qingdao) international packaging, paper products and printing technology and equipment exhibition display printing and packaging industry’s latest development

Eight months and days, 2004 China (Qingdao) international packaging, paper products and printing technology exhibition equipment (hereinafter referred to as “packaging exhibition”) will be officially unveiled in Qingdao. The micron machinery, hubei jingshan light machine, shandong offshore eagle, Eiffel, HuaChi packaging, hebei xin tian, yingkou crown China, three xin, Shanghai purple macro, full bright, peony, weihai printing machine, all force, dalian accumulate abundant, Texas PuLiSen, longkou Fuji, weifang uh guano, China Eastern airlines, the Great Wall and other countries
Many in packaging and printing equipment manufacturers will showcase the latest products, in addition to many buyers and professional audience are gathered in Qingdao, common appreciate printing and packaging industry’s latest development and new technology.
According to introducing, this exhibition is the first held in Qingdao printing and packaging kind professional exhibition, by the China packaging corporation, China packaging import and export corporation and Qingdao foreign trade and economic cooperation administration jointly organized. Exhibition aims to meet the domestic and international especially shandong and the surrounding areas of packaging and printing industry demand, show advanced packaging and printing equipment, packaging, printing for domestic and foreign enterprises to provide the latest science and technology trends and development direction, building supply and demand both sides communication platform for cooperation, and common development for the enterprise to provide the best opportunity.
In recent years, with China’s sustained rapid economic growth and a sharp increase of exports, packaging and printing industry present a rapid development momentum, in 2002, China packaging industry to produce has amounted to $27 billion. From 1995 to 2002 as the grew by 12% a year. It is estimated that by 2005 China packaging industry to produce will reach us $32 billion, in 2010 to $45 billion.
Held in Qingdao packaging exhibition will not only provide customers with the exhibitors and exchange trade platform, and will be more professional and international exhibition on the characteristics of the area north of the Yangtze river become the most professional exhibition industry guidance