Production baking cup machine must avoid hidden danger

baking cup machine because of its surface “high quality and inexpensive” by the material life rich quick

all types of people use, but worrying is, uneven, some good and some bad situation, all aspects of point

of view the existence of hidden dangers.
1, in order to change the perception, increase customer confidence, some manufacturers add unequal

violations of fluorescent whitening agent, the harm of this kind of material is fatal, cells due to external

stimuli variation, can enter the human body through a variety of channels, will become a stealth bomber –

carcinogenic potential factors.
2, in order to pursue the baking cup machine of water resisting effect, wall will be coated with polyethylene

membrane barrier, the choice of materials once the quality problems, or processing due to the heat, may be

oxidized and become the carbonyl compounds, this substance encounters hot volatile, smell unpleasant smell.

Analysis from the scientific point of view, the long-term intake of certain harm to the human body.

What is more, once the use of recycled polyethylene, operation process, produce cracking changes,

many harmful substances are spawned, and then quickly into the water migration, become a major threat to

human life.

square muffin cup machine

square muffin cup machine