2012 the third international paper film film processing printing technology equipment and materials exposition

And in the past two than exhibition, the exhibition highlight the same period mainly embodied in a technical seminars and products conference, exhibition by loose DE machinery full sponsorship, wuxi Ed has traditionally, in accordance with the dean angstrom precision, wuxi pilot, the United States ahead of jie heat energy environmental protection will bring new conference; International enterprise BMB (Switzerland) company, will bring the leading global coating and laminated composite equipment; Davis, will carry standard will bring for coated paper, composite paper and aluminum foil products provide extrusion and co-extrusion system; The litai will bring coating compound production line; America’s biggest gas floating drying equipment professional design manufacturers – Ed prosperous si (ASI), to the numerous experts and buyers show its most advanced, the most professional gas floating drying technique.
It is reported, along with the development of functional flexible packaging materials and processing technology unceasing enhancement, flexible packaging in many areas is playing a more and more important role. Flexible packaging industry progress greatly promote the food, cosmetic, etc, these industries development in turn further pull the flexible packaging the demand of the market, make flexible packaging industry was a great market power. On this basis, flexible packaging machinery also present a new development trend.
muffin cup machine
ICE Asia2012 the held once every two years, has become a classic Converting (Converting: refers to the paper, film, aluminum foil, fabric and non-woven fabrics and film, etc soft wafer materials processing processing and printing of highly professional industrial chain, covering printing, packaging, plastic, textile industries involved in the processing of soft wafer materials processing and printing) industry international exposition, this is the ICE held in China’s third field exhibition, investment scale and number and area increased by 70%.