Paper Products Manufacturing

Chinese paper packaging industry after nearly 30 years of development , has now come to the middle stage of industrialization , large-scale , intensive development of the prototype has been formed . In recent years , with the waning of the financial crisis , foreign paper packaging market rebound ; Meanwhile, some Chinese paper packaging export enterprises transition from export to domestic sales, domestic policy paper packaging industry vigorously support , Chinese paper packaging industry appears thriving the development of the situation . ” 2013-2017 China Paper Packaging industry sales forecast demand and investment analysis report” [ 1 ] Data Analysis , 2011 , Chinese paper packaging industry to expand production scale , and are located in more than 25% increase , the industry achieved sales of 327 248 000 000 yuan , industrial output value of 334.413 billion yuan .
Paper packaging industry, many products, mainly corrugated paper honeycomb paper and bump into three categories, derived from these three categories of paper packaging and include cardboard boxes, cartons , paper bags, paper cans, pulp molding , etc., which cartons, cartons and paper cups are industry products on the market for the sale of large-scale products. In 2011 , China’s total production of cardboard ( corrugated ) 28,561,000 tons , an increase of 15.56% ; carton market growth rate of 17% ; cups consumption reached 25.417 billion , an increase of 12.84% .
China Paper Packaging industry scale manufacturing enterprises over 4000 , the vast majority of small and medium enterprises ; although after 20 years of development , has appeared on a number scale , technologically advanced manufacturers in the industry , but the overall look, paper packaging industry concentration remains low , market structure belonging to atomic industry is very competitive. Meanwhile, in a large amount of paper packaging market demand in China and the rapid growth trend, the world’s leading paper packaging manufacturers have entered the Chinese market, the industry increasingly competitive market .
Paper packaging using a very wide range , all kinds of paper packaging used throughout all aspects of human life and production . With paper packaging consumption in -depth applications , consumer behavior following travel industry sales target , originally did not attach importance to product marketing of paper products industry has put forward new requirements , performance, design and interior design paper packaging products products have become the development direction of the industry , a variety of new equipment, new technology, new technology been developed to design the bending pressure resistance , good printing effect , many varieties of packaging paper packaging to meet consumer needs. Prospects network that Chinese paper packaging manufacturer is in a large-scale development stage, large-scale enterprises also contributed to the further escalation of the industry. But it can not be ignored is that the paper industry environmental issues become particularly important aspect of the country , paper packaging production enterprises will increase in the cost of emissions and consumption reduction ; hand, international paper packaging companies continue to invest in China to take alliances , mergers and other strategies, the development of the domestic paper packaging business is facing further pressure . Overall, the paper packaging industry development opportunities and challenges , especially in the domestic paper packaging manufacturers need to focus on brand building to update forward and technical equipment in order to obtain the ability to participate in international competition and advantages .