Paper packing industrial output has set up a file in the packaging industry occupies 40%

The founding of the sixty years, especially with China’s reform and opening up the pace of 30 years, China’s paper products packaging industry in commodity packaging for the contribution of the at the same time, their own also get rapid development, and become China’s packaging industry is an important part. At present paper packing industrial output has set up a file in the packaging industry occupies the 40% % of the share.
Since the reform and opening up, especially the party central committee the state council put forward the revitalization of northeast old industrial base in northeast China since the implementation of the strategy, the industrial structure and product structure adjustment, get great food, textile, decoration materials and mechanical and electrical industry revitalization of the spurs the carton packaging and printing, paper packing machinery industry development.
According to statistics, so far, three provinces in the northeast of mutual carton production enterprise 1940, has imported and domestic corrugated board production line article 308, of which 980 enterprises in liaoning have carton, corrugated board production line article 148; Jilin province have carton enterprise 336, corrugated board production line article 56; Heilongjiang have carton enterprise 624, corrugated board production line article 104. Northeast China with an annual production capacity of corrugated board of 6.3 billion square meters, the output value of 30 billion yuan, of which the value of liaoning, jilin for 14.2 billion yuan output value of 5.37 billion yuan, 9.99 billion yuan output value in heilongjiang province. The three northeast provinces have packaging printing enterprises 4600, production value of 6 billion yuan, liaoning province of jilin province for 3.5 billion yuan, the output value of 1.5 billion yuan, the value of heilongjiang province for 1 billion yuan. In addition, three provinces in the northeast old industrial base is by means of mechanical processing advantages, in the 90 s and 1980 s in China developed the first 1.6 meters five layer corrugated board production line, the first automatic paper cup machine, the first corrugated board production line special woven conveyor belt, fill a blank in China, as China’s national packaging industry has made the contribution.
Although northeast wrapped the number of enterprises and strength can’t and pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta and bohai sea area compared, but along with reform and opening up 30 years of development, has been out of the backwardness of the packaging industry, emerging a number of modern enterprise, production out of the three northeastern provinces can represent the advanced level of high quality packaging products. Now, the northeast area wrapped industry equipment and technical level has improved, general paper packing products such as carton, carton, paper bags, such as design and production can meet the need of commodity packaging in northeast China.
In the 80 s and 90 s, the northeast paper packing industry in “north geese fly south” situation. But now the situation is broken, in addition to the individual to high-grade and special packaging and printing products, the northeast area of merchandise packaging basic can in this area.
At present the northeast area has more than 300 corrugated board production line, mainly concentrated in dalian, shenyang, dandong, changchun, jilin, Harbin, qiqihar, daqing, mudanjiang, and other central cities. These modern production line improve the local product packaging level, boosting the development of the district economy, but also to enhance the market competitiveness of packaging industry area. Three provinces in the northeast of wrapped production enterprise also experienced in the 70 s and 80 s, 90 s was founded at the beginning of the 21st century and upgrading the innovative development of three stages. In the three stages of development, a number of enterprise grow up and enterprise equipment, technology and management level significantly increased. These enterprises eliminated the past production efficiency low single and low production lines, the introduction of wide high speed corrugated board production line and the supporting printing, die cutting, and other advanced equipment, into the modern quality management means. Through the training, enterprise’s technical personnel, management personnel and workers’ quality was significantly improved, the quality of products reach the national standard. In addition, some enterprises in the production of computer management, the environmental protection and energy saving technology progress, market competitiveness has improved markedly, also contributed to the northeast carton industry progress, in establishing modern packaging enterprise take the way of encouraging step.
Northeast China wrapped enterprise after upgrading, the introduction of is the more advanced corrugated board production line, such as computer control, vacuum adsorption, format heating and tungsten carbide corrugated roll, etc. These corrugated board production line were from Germany, Japan and other countries well-known enterprises and China’s hubei province, Beijing, hebei, liaoning, guangdong and other provinces and cities brand enterprise, width 1.6 m, 1.8 m, 2 m, 2.2 m and 2.5 m. These corrugated board production line production speed can reach more than 100 meters per minute, some can reach 200 meters per minute. At the same time and the related equipment and cover machine, water-based printing slotting machine, die cutting machine, automatic nailing machine and sticky box machine, etc. At present, three provinces in the northeast of paper packing industry in the promotion of preprint technology. At present, liaoning province has already 3 table five-color gravure preprint machine, width is 1.65 meters. According to the survey, the equipment due to the high production capacity, the equipment production task facing the problem of insufficient. But as the user to carton printing requirements for quality improvement and mass production order appear, preprint technology application will be more widely.

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Carton enterprise product has obvious regional, carton packaging are generally for the province’s products and services, packaging industry is prosperous, in addition to equipment, technology and management idea beyond, the key still should see belongs to the surrounding city area or the commodity economy is developed. Of liaoning province, shenyang, dalian, anshan, jinzhou, yingkou city, jilin province, changchun four equal city, Harbin in heilongjiang province, qiqihar, jiamusi, daqing city economy is relatively developed. These areas of the carton enterprise economic benefit is good.
According to the survey, northeast China wrapped industry is mainly for the following products and services, including instant noodles, beverage, water, food and deep processing products, beer, fruit, milk, seafood, home appliance, medicine, clothing, cigarettes, instrumentation and mechanical and electrical products, etc.
The above products in seafood, drugs, food, fruit, instruments and meters, etc in addition to carton have general strength index requirements outside, still have some special requirements, such as moisture, rust, preservation, etc. From the northeast carton industry equipment, technical conditions to see, to ensure that the product packaging safety, to adapt to the requirements of sale in domestic market and export area or no problem.