Paper cups new gb is expected to June 1, officially implemented

New gb paper cups on June 1, officially implemented. And the paper cups new gb and release and implementation of the standard and “paper bowl”, “paper boxes” national standard, the three paper products in the national standard issued, the end of the paper food packaging container product in the absence of national standard of regret.
The new national standard for paper cups from the root of the raw materials, additives, products, packaging, printing and so on puts forward higher than the industry standard requirements. The new standard of paper cup edge and cup bottom printing position have strict regulations, “close distance cup body within 15 mm from the cup, the cup bottom body within 10 mm should not be printing”, so that we can avoid consumers in the use of disposable paper cups when eat paper cups on the outer package printing ink, so as to improve the safety of using the paper cups.
New gb clearly stipulates: not artificial add fluorescent whitening agent. Paper cups should not have peculiar smell, its bottom and side all should not be the water and water penetration. Once the fluorescent material into the human body, can cause harm to human body, if dose to a certain extent can make human body cell change, become potential carcinogenic hidden trouble.
In addition, new gb in return a regulation, not recycled materials as raw materials production, the production of paper cups, to use environmental printing ink.
From the current feedback to see all, paper cups new gb regulation is very strict, estimate big department of disposable cups manufacturers have to “cup with”. The expert inside course of study points out, standard on dec. 5, 2011 is released, the requirement on June 1, 2012 implementation, but the standard real printed is the early April.
And the new standard is not open to the advice, for enterprise’s time is short, manufacturers will face the mould, template change even process adjustment problems, it also will give standard of fairness, scientific and execution leave worries.