Paper cups pollution overweight disappear assist mediation market under the frame

12 month and day 9, consumer Mr. Li in the unit in order to give the visiting guests a cup of green tea, especially let Mr. Li go to the supermarket to buy a box of printed with elegant pattern of the paper cups. And, behold, to buy back the paper cups just out was careful colleagues as part of the design that the product does not conform to the state standards, belong to wash out a product. Look at suspicion, Mr. Lee colleagues from online adjusted a by the state quality inspection administration and national standards issued by the national standard committee paper cups, paper cups “edge distance cup body within 15 mm from the cup, the cup bottom body within 10 mm” should be printed pattern, and shall not use recycling raw materials production paper cups. Take a tumble of Mr. Li immediately return to the supermarket for replacement, rejected, reason is “to the customer’s health consider, disposable goods decline returned goods”. Mr. Li repeated representations, malls, and always adhere to the principle of Mr. Li, but to disappear assist for help.
Rushed to the scene of the staff and the market bargaining, and points out that this product violates the paper cup national standards, belongs to the pollution overweight products, suggest to store the products shall be sealed. Upon mediation, malls, and finally agreed to head for Mr. Li a tone, and the group of overweight products to issue a processing.