paper cup report 2012

Last December 5, released by the disposable paper cup, paper bowl, paper boxes national standards, after half a year after the transition period, will be on June 1 officially implemented. Gb regulation: edge distance cup body within 15 mm from the cup and cup bottom body within 10 mm are not printed pattern. Today the date of execution of the distance with only three days, the reporter visited wholesale market, the supermarket, the famous fast-food chain, found on the market at present has not appeared yet conform to the new national standard of disposable paper cups.

However, food packaging experts yesterday Mr Dong introduces to the reporter, there have been hundreds of enterprise produced new templates, June 1, consumer can see more conform to the national standard of disposable paper cups. He expresses at the same time, national standard for mandatory standards, trade standards has not yet been abolished, therefore in the sale to the industrial standard of disposable paper cups are qualified products.

The new gauge:

Cup cup bottom edge forbidden print design

Last December 5,, disposable paper cup, paper bowl, paper boxes national standard officially released. National standard for paper printing, raw materials, additives, etc are put forward higher requirements is the industry standard.

Gb regulation, edge distance cup body within 15 mm from the cup and cup bottom body within 10 mm can’t printed pattern; People may not add fluorescent whitening agent; Shall not use recycling materials as raw materials production paper cups; Production to use environmental printing ink, etc.

Dong golden lion explanation, people in mouth edge contact while drinking water will be near, 15 mm in printing, can avoid consumers in the use of disposable paper cups when by mistake eats the paper cups on the outer package printing ink, so as to improve the safety of using. Fold the paper cup, cup bottom easy ceng to another the inside of the cup, so the cup bottom also cannot printed pattern.

In addition, once the fluorescent material into the human body, can cause harm to human body, if the dose to a certain extent, the likelihood makes a person body cell change, become potential carcinogenic hidden trouble.


The market there is no new gb paper cups

Formal implementation from gb with only a few days time, the market whether disposable paper cup has been improved? Yesterday, the reporter interviewed city several supermarkets, wholesale market and famous chain fast food enterprises, have not seen the accord with gb disposable paper cups.

In many supermarkets, the reporter sees in the sale of disposable cups are mostly cup bottom edge and with all sorts of design, some design and even direct and close connected, and brightly colored. And many famous chain fast food enterprises provide paper cups, often from top to bottom “tong color”, big red paper cups of a lot of share.

In some wholesale market, the quality of the paper cups more worrying. Not only printing does not comply with the new gb, part of paper cups and pungent odor, material is very soft, a pinch fell down.


Encourage enterprise product white paper cups

“There has been a lot of enterprises are in for a new template.” On the market to see standard paper cups, dong golden lion yesterday told reporters, according to his understanding, the current domestic production license for the paper cups production enterprise about more than 400, there have been hundreds of enterprise in accordance with the gb standard made new templates, these enterprises are large-scale food and beverage enterprise, airlines, supermarkets suppliers.

“Because the new template is still in perfect and detection, consumers can not see, temporarily on June 1, will see in succession with the new standard paper cups.” Dong golden lion also suggested, to provide the security of use, the enterprise had better even cup and the design also don’t print, white paper cups best.

He also recommended that citizens in the choose and buy paper cups, through the “a look, two smell, three begin” to choose. A look, see package identification information is complete, paper cups color don’t too bright-coloured, Two smell, hear paper cups have pungent odor, especially ink flavour; Three knead, good paper cups very hard, resilience, inferior paper cups tend to pinch later very soft. In addition, the paper cups water the first cup of water out as far as possible.