Paper cake tray paper what you know

Now many small cake generally have a paper holder is fixed, can let the consumer in take when not on their hands, but also appears to health, but the cake as a food, paper cake tray paper must use edible paper.
Now many of the cupcake although it looks more beautiful, but the paper is the cheapest, but many consumers in the purchase of time does not pay attention to these, but shoddy CUPCAKE CAKE after the contact can cause harmful substances into the body, so consumers in the purchase must pay attention to the quality of the cake paper holder, to buy that looks more smooth, no rough feeling the surface of the cake, so eat up was assured.
But good cupcakes are not add brighteners, now a lot of paper cake tray has a variety of shapes, some paper tray. Pour into the cake can be directly put into the oven bake, does not need the cake mold, the use of time is very convenient, can produce a variety of shape of cake.