Nanjing Introduction

Nanjing, called Ning, East China’s second largest city, China science and third city, China National regional central cities, the country’s important political, military, scientific, educational, cultural, shipping and financial center, the state transportation hubs of communications and technology innovation center. [1]
Nanjing has a long history, has a history of 6,000 years of civilization, nearly 2600 city history and the history of nearly 500 years of capital, one of the four ancient capitals of China, the “ancient capital”, “ten dynasties will,” said the Chinese civilization important birthplace.
Nanjing is the country’s major gateway cities and major urban centers in East China industrial city, the Yangtze River shipping and logistics center, Riverside livable cities, UN-HABITAT Special Honor Award from the Town. 2014, will hold its second Summer Youth Olympic Games.