muffin cup making machine manufacturer

muffin cup making machine manufacturer

Automatic muffin cup making machine is original design from ourselves. Our company has 20 years experiences for manufacturing muffin cup machine, we first designed this machine in china, after 7 years to improve and innovate this machine, semi auto muffin cup machine update to an automatic muffin cup making machine.This machine can be able to feed the paper automatically, leave off your hand, highly lessen labor cost.

our high-quality machines manufactured muffin cups are firm and artistic.reasonable prices, quality service has been popular by consumers.

muffin cup machine is devoloped and designed as the requirement of  market.It has assembled the pneumatic and mechanism technology,which makes it different from the conventional auto one that works slowly,with lower safety performance,it is easy for operation and maintenance.




Automatic Muffin Baking Cup Machine

Paper material

greaseproof paper,PE coated paper,Silicon Paper and others

Paper  specification

50 gsm~120 gsm

production capacity

1200 piece/hour

Total power


Power supply


Air supply

0.8 MPa



packing meas



Why Choose us?

1. high speed and high efficiency machine.

2. Simple operation and easy to change the mold.

3. Offer machine different mold design service.


There are more than 20 factories for automatic cake tray machine in China. We can not guarantee you the most lowest price, but we can promise you the unique product quality.high quality for machine mean everything,you know?

Reason of low price product:

Thinner and cheaper material.

Results of purchase low price product:

It is easy to rust and wear machine. Not matter for what products, quality is the most important point. Quality is the market.


1. Easy to operate and change the mold.
2. Offer mold design service.
3. It can use the PE coated paper.

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