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June 20, sino-german post-press innovation technology seminar held in chengdu in sichuan province, southwest region of the nearly 300 printing enterprise management personnel

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To listen to the four experts speech. Experts and participants discuss the sino-german between the two countries after printing technology differences and features, experts help enterprise through the latest printing technology after searching for new creative inspiration point, open new business model, to promote forward-looking post-press investment strategy.
Sino-german post-press innovation technology seminar is a field based on printing technology development after the latest trend of the public communication platform, has successfully held the 3, speech experts focus on the international printing powerhouses Germany and printing power in India in the field of China after the latest technology development, market application, communicate with each other through the analysis of the development of the industry situation, to the enterprise future development pulse, and to bring industry colleagues when most in need of attention after printing development trend, to solve the most practical enterprise production management and operation problems. This session of conference, in May to just held in Germany and the drew exhibition hail become communication purport, the latest printing technology and more automation solutions to the participants of be personally on the scene feeling.
After printing technology has been beyond the printing enterprises of the imagination
“I wonder whether you printing industry for the last piece of blue ocean market – post-press holding on to ‘corner beyond” strategic planning? Don’t know whether you have after printing of high efficiency, automation and high win brim to understand? Do you have for you before printing CTP, printing efficiency after, but still profit difficult and about?” If these a few questions the way out of the printing enterprise managers of suffering, then drew ba on display at the seal technology will after enterprise find satisfying answers, and will beyond enterprise thought.
The folding technology also is no longer just the traditional understanding of conventional twists, has evolved into a more creative art — it can rely on strip of bonding function formation ultra thick folding sealing, can through the folding, binding, three surface cutting a complete made binding brochure or straight YouShang letter, can cooperate with cover, saddle stitching technology shapes formed advertising copies, specification, notebook, more can be folded into a paper plane… It can do anything.
The future folding technology five development trend is: large format folding, automatic folding, folding folding, miniature folding, super thick paper folding. And this in the end of the new exhibition and drew on the complete solution.
ChenDaYong: MBO printing equipment system (Beijing) co., LTD., deputy general manager, the printing technology and enterprise application is easy to appear the problems like the back of his hand, be skillful in folding and binding books such as printing technology.
Chen bo:
Glue let post-press higher value-added
Glue technology has a long history, but its in carton processing, printing, packaging, etc in the field application is still belong to the young try, this new combination are exerting “short and fine” the advantage to help the enterprise to run in front of competitors.
At present, the glue technology this combination appeared in and printing machine, rotary machine, folding machine online applications, and the traditional need binding on a binding equipment, compared with small glue device makes printing enterprises lack of investment, quick effect, it realizes the high added value. Glue device can with any high speed equipment on-line to cooperate, the application in packaging industry more extensive, small to a pack of cigarettes, to the special sealing machine, lurking in the pasting box machines, carton processing, etc. Various kinds of process.
Sealing glue application will not to paper produce thickness increasing influence, mainly used in instruction, brochures, envelopes, and direct mail etc products. Can also provide high quality pharmaceutical packaging provide bar code detection, spraying glue, glue a detection and eliminate the system function.
Although are spray, but the world glue equipment the latest application of extrusive not glue, but emollient, softening agent composition is 90% water and 10% of the softener, through such a auxiliary function can make products in the folding process more apply during make-up. In addition, and glue device with quality inspection system, and also can make the product quality more guarantee.
Chen bo: fort union electronics (Shanghai) co., LTD., general manager, understand glue technology in printing and packaging industry within the application, familiar with related quality testing system, visual inspection system.
The short version of the print live after the way of existence
“Short version live, the short version live!” This is the world printing enterprise are facing problems, China is not exceptional also, this also makes printing enterprise customer relationship and industrial chain changes, the whole world is on the tidal current is printing enterprise may and the ultimate customers direct face-to-face contact. And how can after printing with short version live printed digital printing press suitably, it become post-press future technical development trend of important topic.
In the drew on, there are many similar solutions. To look around, there have been a lot of digital printing and very successful printing enterprise. The short version live can also make post-press extended out new added value.
In printing becomes more and more simple, more and more fast, after printing be the last one to limit focus. How to in the shortest possible time, using the least, create the best products, this is all printing enterprise in the thinking. High efficiency, high automation can make its content, at the same time more environmental protection is also the trend of The Times. Reduce energy consumption, reduce the production noise, lower equipment setting time needed for… Finally realize improve precision, improve product quality, this is in the printing enterprise labor in the largest number of post-press department concerned, is also a large contingent in the development of the enterprise.
NiYouXin: martini greater China region President, China and Germany after printing in the field of bridge characters, understand Chinese printing market, well aware of the needs of the printing enterprise.
I wish can be completed:
Packaging printing machinery make products more environmentally friendly
Easy to use is packaging printing machinery of the survival of the country, and environmental protection is the most important food packaging container. From the hardcover shell machine extended to paper cup machine, packaging systems, protective packaging machinery, etc., in the process to apply broadly at the same time, consider to be different packaging machinery ascension can reach environmental protection level.
Double isolation paper cups is a kind of new environmental protection packing container application case, paper cups are divided into the inner pot and the cup, and there is a a layer of air isolation layer, and can be used for hot loading and frozen drink, as the use of heat preservation. Although the process change