Macao Introduction

Macau Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of two , is one of the world’s first casino . Which is located in the north shore of the South China Sea , is located in the Pearl River estuary west , the east and 63 kilometers away from Hong Kong . The whole territory of Macau, the Macau Peninsula, Taipa , Coloane and Cotai four parts ( regions ) consisting of : Macau Peninsula is the core of the development of Macao , a small portion of their land northeast connected to the mainland of China ; Taipa and Coloane this is two separate islands , have been linked together through reclamation and construction of a new land after reclamation Cotai . Macau is also the world’s most densely populated areas of 20,000 population per square kilometer .
Macau is a city with the highest per capita GDP in China by the Qin Empire became Chinese territory , the South China Sea County ( Guangdong ground ) and Baiyue, the Han Empire , the Eastern Han Dynasty belong to a state ( under the jurisdiction of Guangdong, Guangxi , Vietnam 1 . Most ) South County . After the calendar is in Guangzhou , Guangzhou Road, Canton Road , Canton Zhaoluo Road Guangzhou government and so on.
1553 , the Portuguese began to reside in Macao . December 1, 1887 , Portugal and the Qing government signed the ” Sino-Portuguese Conference grass around ” and ” Sino-Portuguese Treaty of Commerce and the good ,” officially occupied by diplomatic formalities instruments Macau , which has become the first European country in East Asia, a territory ( counting in 1553 ) .
April 25, 1974 , the Portuguese revolution succeeded , the implementation of decolonization policy , acknowledging Macau is illegally occupied by the Portuguese , and the first time the Macao returned to China. At that time, the transfer does not have the proper conditions , when he was Prime Minister Zhou Enlai was raised temporarily maintain the status Macau .
October 3, 1984 , Deng Xiaoping proposed initial public with the ” one country two systems ” principle to solve problems left over by history of Macau . In 1986, China and Portugal for the Macao government began negotiations launched four . In 1987, the two prime ministers in Beijing signed the ” PRC Government and the Government of the Republic of Portugal on the Question of Macao Joint Statement ” and two annexes . Joint statement said that Macao is Chinese territory , China will be held December 20, 1999 to resume the exercise of sovereignty over Macao . China promised to Macao for one country to protect the people of Macao “highly autonomous , Macao people governing Macao ” rights. In these 400 years , the Central European cultural harmony coexistence allows Macau to become a unique city : both traditional antique temples , there are solemn God church , there are many historical and cultural heritage , as well as along the beautiful waterfront attraction. Macau 2012 Chinese characteristics and charm of the city to obtain the title .
After decades of development, the level of higher education in Macao also living in the world . University of Macau, Macau, which is the most famous universities . University of Macau referred to Australia , is the first modern university in Macau , Macau is the only public comprehensive university , is the Hong Kong and Macao is one of the best universities . University of Macau Ricci Island West Ltd. , formerly known as the Macau Government leased land , on March 28, 1981 founded the first University of Macau – Private University of East Asia . The creation of the University of East Asia , [ 1 ] marks the beginning of modern higher education in Macau . In 1988, the Portuguese Macao Government restructured the acquisition of public universities University of East Asia . 1991 promulgation of the new university charter , the University of East Asia to the University of Macau . June 27, 2009 , approved by the Central University of Macau Hengqin Zhuhai City in Guangdong Province, construction of the new campus on the island , and to authorize the Macao SAR Government in the implementation of the new campus Macau legal and administrative systems , authorization is valid for 40 years. New campus area of ​​1.0926 square kilometers . December 20, 2009 , officiated by the State President Hu Jintao held a grand ceremony the new campus of the University of Macau , December 20, 2010 , the new campus of the University of Macau officially started construction. University of Macau Hengqin campus has been the Central People’s Government and the Macao Special Administrative Region Government attaches great importance to the completion of the new campus , opened a ” two systems” chapter. The establishment of the new campus , the University of Macau to become a ” world-class university ,” an important milestone towards .

Macau is a small former fishing village , it is entitled Ho Ho mirror or mirrors Australia , because it was moored port can be referred to as ” Australia “, so called ” Macao .” Macau and its vicinity is rich oyster ( ie oysters ) , so future generations put the name to a more elegant ” Ho mirror .” Qianlong published ” Macao little discipline ,” said: ” Ho mirror in the name of Yu ” Ming Dynasty . ” Five or six things , north and south half , north and south two Bay, you can berthing , or say north and south bay, regulations round as a mirror , Gu Yue Ho mirror . ” from this name , and come out of FLAG , sea mirror, mirror sea and other series Macau alias.
The name comes from the Macau Fisherman very respected a Chinese goddess ─ ─ days later, Matsu , and she also known as Mother Mother, Fujian Putian Meizhou people . It is said that a fishing boat in sunny , calm day sailing, suddenly encountered squally thunderstorms fishermen in distress . Critical juncture, a young girl stood out , ordered the storm stopped. Even the wind stopped , the sea also restored calm sea fishing boats arrived safely mirror port. After landing , the girl walked towards Barra Hill , suddenly a shining halo , girls overtaken by a wisp of smoke . Later, people in her place to land , built a temple dedicated to the days, called Mazu Temple .

Jiajing three years ( 1553 ) , the Portuguese from the time of the Ming Dynasty , Guangdong local governments to obtain residency in Macau , China became the first Europeans to enter . At that time the Portuguese from Ma Temple ( Ma Temple ) near the landing, to ask the locals where the names , because in the next -Ma Temple , the locals will answer Barra , so he was named Macau Macau ( Portuguese transliteration Barra ) , multi- continent spelled Macao.