Inferior paper cups still appeared in market

Jieyang daily report from our correspondent reports, disposable paper cup last June 1, the new national standard effect has been

more than a year. Recently reporter tour city, found that do not conform to the new national standard on the market of disposable

paper cup, some businesses and citizens and even the existence of the new national standard is not clear.
Paper cups are of variable quality

souffle cup
Learned, new gb regulation: disposable paper cup within 15 mm from the bowl at the top, bottom cup is within 10 mm should not be

printed, production to use ink environmental protection, not artificial add fluorescent whitening agent, recycled materials as raw

materials shall be used for making paper cup, at the same time will no longer be forced to use the biodegradable material production

of paper cups.
Subsequently, the reporter visited the city a wholesale market of the daily department stores, found that available in supermarkets,

the brand of paper cups on the shelf, there are also some simple packaging, logo paper cup is next to the blur. Reporter asked that the

logo is not clear of disposable paper cups are relatively cheap, only 50 small paper cup, for example, branded products to 4.5 yuan,

rather than the brand products is only 3 yuan. Reporters opened a bag of cheap paper cups to check, found that the paper pattern not

only extend from the top to the bottom, there is no paper cup packaging material information, even can’t find the production date.
The reason:
New gb citizens without knowing more
Disposable paper cup is very commonly used items in daily work life, but many people for the quality of the paper cup is a little

knowledge, for the new national standard is more. Open a soda fountain of Mr. Chen, said: “home use paper cup I will buy you a little

, to do business with the buy cheaper, colour is gorgeous, it is used only once, so long as can hold water, also didn’t know what is the

quality problem.”
Reporter interviewed nine civilians, random from cup for cup bottom cup body distance can’t print “new gb”, they say didn’t know.

“Such rules do you have? I don’t know. Buy disposable paper cups are only see the production date and shelf life, didn’t pay attention

to these details.” Liu said.
Paper cups quality safety should not be ignored
Learned, inferior in the production of paper cups will use renewable polyethylene, this substance can produce cracking in rework

process change, produce many harmful compounds, are more likely to shift to the water in the using, if the fluorescent bleaching

agent is added to the production process, use for a long time are more likely to cause cancer.
Experts say, drink the water in close contact with lips, ink in the printing pattern may be intake, especially containing benzene ink

more adverse to health. Experts suggest that citizens when paper cups of choose and buy, should choose to normal manufacturer

of goods, at the same time check whether labeling on the package the product name, production date, hygiene license and other

related information.