Improvements on several baking cup machine is proposed

For all kinds of machinery and equipment in the life we use, should saying is used and improved,

improved mechanical equipment later in the use of the performance is certainly much more superiority.

But for now has more extensive use of space baking cup machine, waiting for the improvements or more.
First, automatic baking cup machine machine problem
Can be said that the volume using the process baking cup machine is still in the process of semi automated,

because in many processes, are required by the operator assisted to complete. This will result in low

production efficiency, and the status of production quality standards.
Second, roll bearing baking cup machine
Can say, the bearing clamp structure currently in use are relatively simple, but also there is no guarantee

that the concentricity of the phenomenon, and the existence of this phenomenon, it will cause a big influence

on the production quality.
So, for our country’s scientific research personnel, should as soon as possible breakthrough baking cup machine

these problems, this will be more convenient to use.