How to get souffle cup less creative dessert shop

Nowadays a lot of sweet shop when designing your own VI, physical part of volume souffle cup attaches great importance to, have you ever thought to spend bit of idea volume souffle cup up to your store?souffle cup novel design, unique printing, because of the opportunity, you see?The guangzhou feng da machinery co., LTD., to reveal.
First, souffle cup volume of sales can be said to be a shop inside one of the most, whether it is a cake shop or a dessert shop, souffle cup volume is undoubtedly a day use most packages, it also ACTS as one of the biggest promotional effect.People in the shop to buy things, out of time, volume on the souffle cup  if is bare without any design or propaganda, so it is a waste of the most valuable piece of advertising.

Second, souffle cup and cannot be used, for his final approach is to throw away, throwing in the street, a simple cannot again simple, no special volume souffle cup won’t attract the attention of people, on the contrary, as the volume souffle cup will cause the idea of people, so even if people didn’t personally go to taste the food in the store, to see the slogan on the roll of souffle cup will also have the effect of advertising.