How to buy disposable cups

As cups, the first material is more important, such as the inferior cup cups using recycled polyethylene material , and then the cracking process will produce changes in many of the harmful compound cup was more easily migrate to the water in use . Therefore, we must carefully choose the time of purchase of disposable cups

Disposable cups classification

Disposable cups on the market now are divided into three types:

One is made ​​with white cardboard , mainly used to hold the dry stuff , can not hold water and oil ;

The second is waxed paper cups, because this cup soaked with wax , so relatively thick , but also waterproof , but as long as the cup filled with water temperature exceeds 40 ℃, the wax will melt , and cause wax containing hazardous substances ;

The third is now widely used in paper and plastic cups , cup lining using coated paper , such as the selection of materials and processing technology, however poor or will produce harmful substances produced .

How to buy

Look tightness. General cups should be sealed in plastic packaging bags , packaging bags should not have damaged packaging imprecise cups susceptible to pollution of the environment , public health can not be guaranteed .

See packaging. Carefully to see if marked ” product name, producer name and address, product performance standards , production date , shelf life, health permits” the state must be marked on the package contents signs marked incomplete or if the flag is not standardized content , such cups is best not to buy . 3

Look mug . Good quality paper cup body color pattern should be uniform , clean cut , waxed cup wax layer thickness and uniformity of coating glass coating , seamless coating, the cup should not have significant depression, wrinkling.

Look cup . Note cup smooth, no waste , burrs , cup body should be clean and transparent , uniform thickness , no impurities , bubbles, watermarks , no fish eye stiff block and so on. 5

A squeeze . To choose a good cup body stiffness cups , try to choose the cup wall thick, stiff paper cups , paper cups in the selection , you can hand the cup gently squeeze the sides , roughly know the cup body stiffness is good or bad . Nanjing Yu Jie Paper Products Co., Ltd. is located in Nanjing Qinhuai District No. 59-1 and the bridge , the traffic is very convenient. My company has advanced cups series , ice cream series , paper lunch boxes and food packaging series series production equipment. High-grade , high-quality , high- subject imports, domestic double single PE paper as raw material , non- water-based ink printing technology in full compliance with the national ” food packaging using paper ” hygiene standards.

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