Hongkong Introduction

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region under the PRC . Hong Kong is located in the South China Sea coast , located east of the Pearl River estuary , north of Shenzhen, Guangdong , South Point Wanshan Islands , Western greet Macau and Zhuhai in Guangdong , Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories is composed of 263 islands. Prevailing in Hong Kong Chinese Cantonese Cantonese films , Local commonly known Cantonese. Hong Kong Hong Kong is the English name of the Department of Hong Kong Cantonese Aboriginal language transliteration Tanka family talk , not Cantonese films Cantonese read the law Heong Kong.
Hong Kong has a ” Pearl of the Orient ” in the world , a population of about 7.13 million ( 2012 ) , with a total area of ​​1070 square kilometers , is the world’s most densely populated regions. Hong Kong can be divided into four parts: Hong Kong Island, New Territories , Kowloon and the outlying islands. Kowloon is located north of Port Peninsula , Hong Kong Island, an area of ​​78 square kilometers, is the main financial district of Hong Kong , in Hong Kong , but only 7% of the land area of ​​the New Territories area of ​​about 980 square kilometers , the equivalent of Hong Kong ‘s land area 91 % . Islands includes a total of 262 islands, the largest of Lantau Island in Hong Kong is almost twice as large.
Qin Hong Kong since China became clear that time from the Central Plains territory ( narrow central China, Henan Province today refers to the area . Generalized Plains , referring to the Yellow River region ) , 214 BC ( Qin Shihuang twenty-three years ) , China sent troops to the Qin Dynasty pacification Baiyue , set Nanhai county , area into its territory of Hong Kong , is under the jurisdiction of Panyu county . From this point until the Qing Dynasty , with the Central Plains Civilization retreating southward , Hong Kong can be gradually developed. Chinese Yuan Dynasty is a Jiangxi province , Yuan Dynasty , in the southwest of Hong Kong Tuen Mun , Tuen Mun in Guangzhou Maritime Patrol Division has set up the garrison , to prevent pirate invasion , guard Guangzhou . Until the late 19th century Qing Dynasty was defeated, the field was ceded in batches and leased to the United Kingdom to become the British colony.

1982 to 1984 , on the implementation of the Sino-British negotiations on the future of Hong Kong in 1984 signed the ” PRC Government and the Government of the Kingdom of the Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong “, decided July 1, 1997 China people’s Republic of resumption of sovereignty over Hong Kong . China’s commitment to the implementation of two systems in Hong Kong , Hong Kong will maintain the existing capitalist system and way of life , and enjoy all matters except defense and foreign high degree of autonomy , that is, “Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong .”

After World War II, Hong Kong , Hong Kong, the rapid development of economy and society , becoming the New York and London after the world’s third largest financial center. Not only become the “Asian Tigers” , is one of the world’s richest , most developed economy and one of the highest standards of living . Hong Kong is Asia’s leading financial , service and shipping center to clean government, good law and order , free economy and improve the rule of law known. Historical changes , so that Hong Kong from a population of only 5,000 people when a small fishing village , has evolved into today , ” Pearl of the Orient ” reputation of cosmopolitan city.
1842 to 1997 , Hong Kong was a British colony ; July 1, 1997 , China resumed sovereignty over Hong Kong . Hong Kong’s capitalist system to a clean government , law and order , free economy and improve the rule of law known.
In 2012, Hong Kong, the Chinese characteristic charm city title.

Hong Kong has a world-class building , fast-paced life , fashion, modern entertainment , all highlights the city’s stunning charm. Hong Kong is a living paradise, set all kinds of fun in one place . In Hong Kong, both can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery , but also can get all sorts of commercial civilization brings enjoyment ; embrace modern colorful assortment , but also the old era antiquities and monuments and simple lifestyle.