Hainan Introduction

Hainan is China a provincial administrative regions – Hainan’s main island. Hainan referred to Joan, located in the southernmost tip of China. Qiongzhou Strait to the north and Guangdong delimitation, west of North Bay and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is relatively the northeast across the South China Sea and Taiwan Province, southeast and south in the South China Sea with the Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia neighborhood. January 4, 2010, the State Council issued the “State Council on the promotion of international tourism in Hainan Island, construction and development of a number of views.” Thus, the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island officially on track. As the country’s major strategic, China Hainan in 2020 will initially built a world-class leisure resort island, making it open to the Island, Green Island, the island of civilization and harmony of the island.