Guizhou Basic Overview

Basic Overview

Located in the southeast of Guizhou Province in southwest China, the jurisdiction of six prefecture-level cities and three autonomous prefectures, the provincial capital Guiyang. Eastern border of Hunan, Guangxi, south, west Yunnan, Sichuan and Chongqing municipality north. Guizhou Plateau in southwest China landforms are mountains, the territory lying west to east, from the middle of the north, east and south side tilt, with an average elevation of about 1100 meters. Guizhou is the only province to support no plain [1].
The province’s topography can be summarized into: plateaus, mountains, hills and basins are four basic types, mostly mountain plateau, known as the “Eight mountains of water a field,” said. Guizhou climate is very pleasant, subtropical humid monsoon climate, four distinct seasons, the arrival of spring wind and rainfall, rain and hot season. Guizhou beautiful quaint, picturesque, is the world’s most typical karst landform one of the regions with the most colorful karst landscape. Guizhou will be the construction of “cultural tourism development and innovation area” as a strategic goal, to create ultra-industrialized products, building “national park province”, out of a line with their actual requirements of the times and upgrade, after catching up the road.