Foshan Introduction

Foshan ancient loyalty Township, Jihua township, “Hajime trace in Shanxi, was named Tang” is a national historical and cultural city. According to research, the historical origins of Foshan Lanshi street at the current area, since about 4500-5500 years. Tang and Song Dynasties, Foshan, handicrafts, commerce

Foshan Night and the culture has flourished. Ming and Qing dynasties, it is developed into merchants, industrial and commercial center of Lingnan, and Hankou in Hubei town of Jingdezhen in Jiangxi, Henan, China and said zhuxianzhen four towns [1], and Beijing, Hankou, Suzhou and said the world “four together”, ceramic, textile, foundry, pharmaceutical industry heyday four Southland. Qing Dynasty, Foshan, the trend before, became the birthplace of modern Chinese national industry, one has the birth of China’s first modern silk reeling and the first match factory, and the establishment of the “bamboo mouth Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Company Factory” [2]. Foshan Lion, lion and Foshan Foshan tie light color process known overseas, China Southern Lion in Guangdong, Foshan is the birthplace of Southern Lion, the “Lion King” reputation.