Food packaging paper national standard fuzzy enterprise easy to evade restrictions on travel

Food packaging outer carcinogenic substance in the fluorescent things generally overweight, international food packaging association recently released report pointed out that the domestic food industry of the collective. To this, things in enterprises have said products comply with relevant national standard, and Chinese food science and technology to flour product branch also to force a enterprise, says packaging safety and no hidden trouble. The international food packaging association executive vice President and secretary-general of golden lion dong said, the main reason lies in the current national standard is fuzzy, leading companies exploit an advantage.
Dong golden lion told reporters that the current “food wrapping base health standard” for 1989 set in GB11680-1989, standard. The standard of the definition of packing paper fuzzy, and did not put paper products share layer and outer paper, not clearly pointed out that double structure of instant noodles barrel, milk tea cup hot food, hot drinks paper packaging standard. “Therefore, many production enterprise may use detection method and national standard loophole, use recycled paper as raw materials for production, but only for products inner detection, but that the overall testing qualified phenomenon.”
Dong golden lion said, instant noodles barrel, milk tea cup outer packing is fluorescent content exceeds bid, is likely to use non food grade paper, even waste paper. Dong golden lion said, food paper products is a whole, therefore, the relevant state departments should be clear to double paper packaging, at the request of the pests content, health indicators are defined.