Environmental protection da: paper products in the recycling and reuse

Now paper products packaging more and more widely application, along with more and more demand will appear to use too much, that now is to save resources. On paper for recycling, the recycling of waste paper back can be used in what way? Tianjin paper introduce. Paper pulp molding products pulp molding industry in more developed countries has been nearly years of development history, with the traditional paper mill type production become the world’s industrial production, all kinds of paper and paper products into the people all aspects of life, paper pulp molding products also to rapid development. Paper mould process than foamed plastics is simple, production time and cycle short, energy and raw material costs low, antistatic, corrosion resistance, shock performance than the foam plastic products, and can be recycling, after waste in the natural environment will be similar to the plant to decompose, not on the environment and recycling cause disorder by the majority of consumers of all ages. Pulp molding is will waste paper pulp or finished product images into pulp, and adding suitable amount of waterproofing rubber, the use of vacuum adsorption and molding, use with products shape corresponding mold shaped, such as containers, trays, shield, industrial cushion packaging goods, but with corrugated carton supporting the use, easy to long distance transport shock buffering. Use waste paper as raw material to produce packing, packing, packing material can replace foamed plastic foam. Design to improve its structure, in the production of various components to the material or surface special treatment in order to reach to a certain goods or certain conditions required properties and characteristics. In addition, the different processing method and get the characteristics of the paper form is different, so change the processing method or process can improve the performance of the paper form. Currently used paper pulp molding products are mainly use it buffer characteristics and strength characteristics. New buffer packaging materials commonly used buffer material basically has: fibres material (wood wool, paper and pulp, straw, straw, synthetic fiber, etc.), animal fibres substances (bristle, wool, carpet, etc.), mineral fibres substances (glass fiber, asbestos, mineral fiber, etc.), bubble structure material (natural rubber, synthetic rubber, plastic foam, bubble plastic film, etc.), corrugated paper and crepe paper, buffer device (spring, suspension, etc.).