Disposable paper cup ultraviolet light “in the sky”

“Buy a cheaper disposable paper cups, but soon poured hot water leaking!” 13, Mrs. Zhang call this 3 ・ 15 hotline reflect. Reporter then to survey on the market of disposable paper cups, and a simple experiment was carried out. Experiments found that disposable paper cups are of variable quality, standards are different, add common fluorescent agent.
Different quality standards
13, the reporter to weihai city small commodity wholesale markets and supermarkets were investigated respectively. 50 of paper cup price from 2.5 yuan to 8 yuan. From the outside, price 2.5 yuan paper feels very soft. “This paper cups are generally supermarket or stores for customers free try to drink drink, his household buy good.” A seller said.
June 1, 2012, issued by the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the national standard committee paper cup national standard (GB / 27590-2011) was officially implemented. And press on paper cups in the market packaging, executive standard some annotation QB2294, some with a QB2294 with QB2294-2009-2006, some annotations, have different standard.
The reporter understands, at present the industry standard for paper cups QB2294-2006 hasn’t been abolished; The new national standard is voluntary standards, not mandatory national standard. But the new national standard for stricter quality requirements and the detailed rules “shall not be artificial add fluorescent whitening agent”, “outside paper cups printing pattern should outline clear, uniform color, no obvious stain and within 15 mm from the bowl at the top and bottom within 10 mm away from the bowl should not be printing”, etc., to this, still have a lot of production companies still choose to continue to use the old standard production.
Whether we buy disposable cups can be at ease use, in order to more intuitive to check the quality of paper cups, reporter from weihai city small commodity wholesale markets and supermarkets to buy the four kinds of different brand of paper cups, carried out a simple experiment.
Paper cup problem a lot
Experiment 1: the printing pattern is difficult to reach the new standard
Reporter bought four different brands of 50 pack of paper cups, price is 3 yuan, 5 yuan and 6.5 yuan respectively, 7 yuan, and according to the price from low to high Numbers to experiment. Measured with a ruler from the top and bottom respectively to the nearest distance printing design, paper cups and 1 from the 16 mm; 2 cups all over pattern; 3 cups of 4 mm at the top, down to the bottom have a pattern; 4 cups on down to the bottom distance is 6 mm, close to all designs.
According to understand, “new gb” paper pattern of the distance, is to prevent ink in the printing design is the human body, causing damage to the body. And it seems from the experiment, only a sampling of 4 kinds of paper cups meet requirements in the “new gb”.
Experiment 2: ultraviolet light to make it “in the sky”
If paper cups containing fluorescent agents, has been closely watched. “New gb” rules, disposable paper cup may not add fluorescent agent. Reporters learned from industry professionals working in the field of water quality detection, a simple test paper whether to add fluorescent agent, the lamp in the dark light paper cups are available, and if there is a blue fluorescent, paper cups containing fluorescent agent.
Through uv light exposure, four brands of paper cups are blue. 1, paper cups and 4 cups blu-ray is most obvious, 2 cups a bit weak, 3 cups is weakest.
Experiment 3: pour in hot water after the situation is different
Reporters will be 4 kinds of paper cup, pour into boiling water, let stand for half an hour later, did not slack phenomenon. But rest for 45 minutes, 1 cup obviously become soft, barely holding; 2 and 3 cups also began to grow soft and after hand knead easy deformation; Only 4 cups situation is good.