Disposable paper cup implementing new gb June 1 can still be production sales

From this year on June 1, disposable paper cup national standard formal implementation. The standard paper cups close distance cup body within 15 mm from the cup, the cup bottom body within 10 mm should be printed pattern. “Paper cups new standards implementation has ten days, why the market and wearing clothes’ ‘color printing paper cups sell?” On June 11,, haikou citizens ROM lady told reporters on the market report, the color printing paper cups are still in sales. Reporters visited several supermarket shopping mall, hotel found that part of the disposable paper cup still “gaudy”, and understand the new gauge businesses and citizens is also very few.
Printing paper cups good-looking, attract consumers
A few days ago, the reporter to haikou some supermarkets and market visit, found that the cup body with decorative pattern design of disposable paper cup a few, the price is most in the $4 to 9 dollars. These cups are mostly on the outer package with the “QS” mark, production license, product level, material, quality guarantee and other related information, some of the price is a little high produced a “high temperature resistant, no leakage, no peculiar smell, environmental protection” and so on propaganda. However, in the cup bottom edge or near still attached “coat”, can achieve “stay white” standard is not much.
In JinLongLu big embellish hair in the supermarket, put seven or eight different brands of disposable paper cup, the cup with the body of decorative pattern design, and some even more than half of the whole body wear “coat”, the whole cup body is fluorescent color. Reporter apart among them a paper cup packaging, and then smell a peculiar smell, and paper cups material is relatively soft, and packaging as “tasteless, upset cup body” seems to take no raise.
Reporter noticed, in the supermarket sales of these does not comply with the new standard of disposable paper cup, all the production date is on June 1, 2012, even before the production of paper cups last year. According to field a 导购员 told reporters, “the civil in choosing paper cups more love choose pattern design and color paper cup, not the not so good to sell.”
In the new paper cup “national standard”, the vast majority of the public in an interview said not informed. Reporter random interviews with 12 consumers, almost no one know the new gauge. Reporters found that visit, the vast majority of citizens in the choose and buy paper cups, appearance and price still is the main factor of the consideration.
June 1 production of paper cups can sales
Haikou city pledges inspect bureau officials said that although disposable paper cup new national standard has been implemented, but not “traceability” previous products, that is, June 1 production of paper cups still can continue to sales.
Qualitative inspect branch staff reminded the, the citizen to buy disposable paper cup, be sure to look for the QS logo, and at the same time, to observe carefully paper cups the above design, fancy paper cup is not necessarily good paper cups. However, from the conservation of resources, environmental protection point of view, the consumer use less as far as possible, had better not use disposable paper cups.