Disposable paper cup don’t buy printed too much to take care to eat in benzene

The country’s first a disposable paper cups in the national standard of full moon today. This standard is clear about the request for the first time, close distance cup body 15 mm from the cup and cup bottom body 10 mm, not printed pattern, in order to avoid the consumer by mistake eats the harmful material such as ink. However, the reporter visited the city for several large supermarket, but found that edge and cup bottom printing pattern of the paper cup is still the main sales, so the products accord with gb.
“Motley” paper cups is still the main force
Yesterday morning at about 10, the reporter comes to wal-mart stores water chestnut lake wanda shop, there are eight kinds of brand of paper cups in the sale, a packing unit price from a few blocks to dozens of piece of inequality. Sales staff told reporters recommended “miao jie” brand “leakage” paper cups, although the product body is white, but there are many patterns on the cup still print the cup bottom and edge.
At a carrefour supermarket construction avenue store, one “the guest” brand paper cups is body color, the whole cup body brush on the green design. Reporter then visited ZhongBai storage beacon shop, selling to wu WuTai gate shop and so on local supermarket, also seldom see conform to the new national standard of paper cups, most of the products is still using QB – 2294 old industry standard. Most of the supermarket said don’t know the new gauge, “the sale of paper cups are 6 month ago production”.
In financing in the wholesale market, sell paper cups is variety of designs is various, the price also cheap some. These products on the outer package is neither origin no date, vendors say a wholesale is a small restaurants, breakfast shop people.
Flower “clothes” paper cups harm big
Why paper cup mouth and bottom to “stay white”? City pledges inspect bureau officials said, the color bright paper cups in the printing ink, the need to use a large number of containing benzene, toluene, xylene and other harmful chemicals and mercury, lead and other heavy metals. Use paper cups water, mouth will contact edge near, easy to printing ink to eat his stomach; And paper cups generally need to together, cup bottom easy ceng to another cup, so the inside of the ink cup bottom can’t printed pattern.
Reporters yesterday in four supermarkets random interviews with twenty people, only 3 people said heard of paper cups gb, most residents said in the choose and buy paper cup, “it depends on the brand and design”. Several supermarket sales staff says, “design and color beautiful cup is the most popular, but there is no printed cup doesn’t sell.”
How to design printing enterprise making decisions?
It is understood that the paper cup national standard for industry “recommended standard”, did not have the “mandatory”. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed five local paper cup printing enterprise, all said know this rule, but design how to print “still have to listen to customer”.
In KFC and McDonald’s inside, use part of the drink cup is also the color printing, a store staff said, “our cup no quality problem, at present also has not received notice of headquarters, not for a while to change the packing”.
Hubei AnHuaiXin law firm’s lawyers HanGongPing think, paper cups original industry standards have not been abolished, is now two sets of standard parallel. “Only not to perform mandatory national standards, the relevant departments have power.”