Delicious cake in the memory to share homemade old chicken cake

Old chicken cake,muffin cup machine carrying a few generations of feelings and memories. In the lack of material,

can eat chicken cake, is a gift from heaven. That house fragrance taste, always stay in the memory,

below to look together how to do it.
Materials: 3 eggs, 75 grams, 75 grams of white sugar, corn oil 25ml, white sesame amount (8).
1, good material.
2, eggs into a clean pot, add all the cotton sugar, with electric mixer at low speed.
3, egg volume increased gradually, pale, up to 3 files to send.
4, the egg hit to the expansion of thick, whisk the egg file not immediately disappear.
5, two times two times the sieve sieve into the flour, stir fry quickly by mixing the cutting technique.
6. Pour in corn oil, mix well.
7, the egg paste into the cake paper cup (nine full), sprinkle sesame seeds.
8, the cake cups into the bread barrel (8 two baked).
9, start baking bread machine program, colors, 35 minutes (if it is oven, preheated 170 degrees, middle,

and upper and lower fire, 15 minutes or so). 10, 35 minutes later, savory baked cake, baked the cake on the

Internet you can eat cool clothes.