cupcake wrappers machine cupcake liners machine

cupcake wrappers machine cupcake liners machine

The technology of cupcake wrappers machine is adopt from Italy, which is one of our most hot sale products.It can greatly save your labor cost as it is with the functions of automatic feed paper and collect the end products, so the semi-automatic baking cup machine is replaced. Our machine can be used with many different types of cake tray machine mold. (round, square, rectangular, triangle,etc. We also provide Mold Design Service)

With the continuous development of science and technology, a variety of food, the emergence of aquatic products, food packaging technology and equipment have put forward new demands. Currently, food packaging machinery increased competition, the future of cupcake liners machine will be coordinated with industrial automation, packaging equipment to promote the overall level of increase, the development of multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption of food packaging equipment.


Why Choose us?

1. Our machine is with high speed and high efficiency. 2. Simple operation and easy to change the mold. 3. Offer mold design service.


There are more that 20 factories for automatic cake tray machine in China. We can not guarantee you the most lowest price, but we can promise you the unique product quality.

Reason of low price product:

Thinner and cheaper material.

Results of purchase low price product:

It is easy to rust and wear machine. Not matter for what products, quality is the most important point. Quality is the market.

Model FD-010 automatic cake tray machine
Paper material greaseproof paper,
Paper specification 40 gsm~120 gsm
production capacity 20-40 times/min 15-20pcs/time
Total power 3kw
Power supply 380V
Air supply 1 MPa
weight 580kg
packing meas 1660*1650*1350mm

Machine Video:

How to change the mold by yourselves?


Below is FD-009 semi-automatic cake tray machine

baking cup machine01


baking cup machine03

It can production below cups:

baking cup machine price
Semi-Automatic Cake tray Machine is the most conventional machine, as the mold can be easy to changed, and many different paper materials also can be used, like grease-proof paper and PE coated paper. Many different size baking cups can be produced in one machine just by changing the mold. (round, square, rectangular, triangle and so on, we also offer the mold design service)


1. Low price than the automatic machine
2. Easy to operate and change the mold.
3. Offer mold design service.
4. It can use the PE coated paper.

Model FD-009-A Semi-automatic cake tray machine
Paper material greaseproof paper,PE coated paper and others
Paper specification 40 gsm~120 gsm
production capacity 20-40 times/min 15-20pcs/time
Total power 1.5kw
Power supply 220V
Air supply 1 MPa
weight 200kg
packing meas 600*550*1550mm

Semi-auto Machine Video:

Manual Machine Video: