Chinese overseas shopping spree of local brands to introspection

Chinese overseas wantonly purchase home appliances products such as behavior of hot debate, many business people are deficiency leads to the Chinese enterprises overseas buying presents self-examination. The government is worried about the status quo of Chinese consumption flow to overseas, began to take measures to strengthen the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry.
According to Japan’s “Daily News” reported on March 10th, according to estimates, Chinese last overseas consumption of more than 1 trillion yuan. The Spring Festival holiday this year, because of the devaluation of the yen and so on, tourists increased to japan. Japanese rice cooker products such as panic buying pomp is China competing media coverage. China visitors buying spree in China also does not see more with washing function toilet cover “toilet lid storm” has caused concern.
Chinese media initially criticized the consumer xenophilia. A television station in the program allow consumers to try to use Steamed Rice rice cooker to cook on both sides produced by comparison, announced “Chinese producing electric rice cooker cooking rice more fragrant”, is a typical.
But recently appeared “why Chinese enterprises can not develop the same goods? Japanese companies are also produced at the China, why China manufacturers of goods does not welcome?” Of the argument. NPC and CPPCC, reflection Chinese enterprise the inadequacies of the view is one one introduction and discussion.
A senior home appliance giant TCL told the media, as a manufacturer, not to provide good quality products to consumers Chinese ashamed of, must make efforts to China products more than Japanese products. A member of the CPPCC National Committee, Lenovo Group Chairman Yang Yuanqing also admits, this shows that people do not trust Chinese products, domestic enterprises should abandon the copycat products, catch up to the technical content of international famous brand.
Chinese officials also shows overseas consumption back to domestic confidence, as well as the implementation of the “2025 10 year plan China manufacturing” take the lead in improving manufacturing quality and strengthen the competitive attitude.
An article in the online publication entitled “to go to Japan to buy a horse bung” review article points out that, with the rise of manpower cost, Chinese has lost the cost advantage, manufacturing industry must upgrade.
According to the Swiss “new Zurich news” website reported on March 9th, the whole world retailers welcome love to travel and consumption Chinese, they symbolize the rise China economy. However, there are winners and losers will have. One element Chinese money can only spend a. Foreign as cheerful as a lark, and purchasing power loss has become China economy deep hatred. Last year Chinese outbound tourism more than 100000000 passengers, Chinese overseas last year consume about 1 trillion yuan.
Chinese like overseas shopping spree in Chinese as everyone knows the reason. Western products are often added high taxes, so in the China significantly more expensive. Therefore, even the rich are now travel abroad to buy many products.
However, Chinese senior official recently referred to make Chinese economy was another tricky can explain Chinese like in overseas Shopping Spree: they obviously believe that foreign brands than domestic good. Therefore, millions of Chinese use Spring Festival holidays to travel overseas. When the media asked why buy things in Japan and South Korea and other popular destinations, the visitors agreed that: buy things there is because they are more than China product is good. But easily forgotten truth is, these products are generally in advance in China created by.
There are many about decide on what path to follow China economy discuss current. China leaders put forward the slogan of “the new normal” means not only China economies can no longer to two digit growth, and usually also means the transformation of economic structure. If the date’s growth momentum is mainly labor-intensive products exports and domestic and foreign business investment, then it should be in the Chinese by R & D innovation products to promote economic China. Therefore, in addition to the need diligent also need practical and won consumer recognition of the good ideas.
In this context, China leaders noted future innovation will play an important role in the speech again and again how. Hidden behind the unspoken scheme, excellent product should quickly conquered the world market and the Chinese heart.

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