China will play a unique role

“In the new” sustainable development goals “, China will play a leading role, China will play a very active unique role.” American university professor at Columbia University, March 21, Jeffrey sachs, director of the institute of earth in China economic summit top BBS 2015 “2015 international development agenda: after the United Nations to discuss recent progress in” deep dialogue link so point. As a famous economist Jeffrey sachs was secretary-general of the United Nations development goal of “one thousand” special adviser, talk about the “one thousand development goals,” he is one of the most suitable candidate.

The United Nations was launched in 2000, the “new development goals (MDGS)” in one thousand, and now the goal is about to expire, in September this year, heads of state will sign a new “sustainable development goals” in New York (SDG).

Why do humans need to a new stage of development?

Over the past two hundred years, the explosive growth of the world economy, with one hundred times the speed of expansion, economic growth too fast, however, that lead to crisis. “Sustainable development means complete, comprehensive integrated development mode, and the three factors equal together, these three factors are economic development, social justice and environmental sustainability.” Sachs said.

Sachs said, “will be held three summits are expected to change in the global economy development mode. It is just a goal, may not do it, but it is a big demand, is also the goal of everyone.”